March 26, 2004

Music: Songs About Jane

Listening to the Maroon 5 [warning: crappy flash site that I didn't bother going to] album Songs About Jane. Heh, yes, I have no shame when it comes to pop culture. And I'm not particularly musically informed, either.

I'm enjoying the album immensely.

Read on...

Though the lead singer (sorry, I've no idea what his name) has a slight burr on his voice that reminds me of Shania Twain (whose voice I loathe), it's easy to look past it to the funky arrangements that form the varied but cohesive album. In his defense, he has an effortless falsetto and you can feel his enthusiasm. Still, it's the weakest part of the mix.

At it's best (This Love, She Will Be Loved, The Sun) the album ranges freely from pop to jazz to Rat Pack blues. At its worst (Shiver), Maroon 5 sounds like what Michael Jackson could have been had he grown up instead of turning into a freaky monster. You can easily picture what many of the songs would sound like with him doing the vocals.

After hearing them on SNL, I'm glad I picked up the album.

Posted by JAY at 10:01 AM

March 23, 2004

Music: 12 Memories

Y'know, it's odd when you listen to an album and can't get past the first few songs? Well, Travis' 12 Memories is one such album. I really enjoy their first album (The Man Who), but this one...

But when I got past the first few songs, they eventually returned to their strengths - lilting melodies with simple but distinctive rhythms. Favorite songs: Re-offender, Happy to Hang Around and Love Will Come Through.

Unfortunately, while I agree with the general sentiment, the album's politically motivated songs seem to be bereft of any feeling - and the lyrics tend to get trite. "You don't need an invitation/To drop in upon a nation" (Beautiful Occupation)? Please. Just... no.

Posted by JAY at 09:44 PM