May 17, 2006

Soapy Memories

... aka "How I Almost Killed My Boss' Kid!"

I've always loved playing with young children. So when the boss brought his young son Mikey into the office one day, Mikey and I wandered off to the kitchen sink to play after a lunch of McDonald's. Using a leftover straw and a cup with detergent and water, I blew air into the soap solution to overflow bubbles out of the cup.

Mikey thought playing with the bubbles was great fun. After a while he wanted to make some bubbles himself. I wasn't sure he was up to the task. Taking the straw out of the cup, I blew air through the straw into his face to demonstrate the required technique. I then gave Mikey the straw to practice with and (after some confusion), he was able to copy the straw blowing. Great, right?

So I give the guy the cup of detergent solution and yay! he's doing it! Having a great time! Running out of breath! Doesn't want to stop! Rather than take his mouth of the straw like before, he starts inhaling the soapy water! I yank the straw and cup away, but not before Mikey has a mouthful of suds which, judging by his expression, taste horrible.

"Mikey! Spit it out! Into the sink! Spit!! Noo!"
Mikey, well trained by Dad not to spit things out, swallows the large mouthful of soap.

He proceeds to make grimacing faces as his stomach cramps up. I'm thinking, "Hell, I just killed the boss' kid!" Moments later, a small pile of pale, partially digested french fries is in the sink. Unfazed, Mikey keeps playing in the running water.

I don't give back the straw and soap, though.

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