July 28, 2005


Finally got around to updating the sidebar...

Bye bye Belle, it was great while it lasted - hope the book is a bestseller.

Welcome back Sue, in a new home!

Emily also has a new home.

Jen has a new blog... update, dammit! :) ... Hmm, now I think I misplaced the gallery link. Oh! There's a new one! *goes rooting around*

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June 26, 2005

Brash Hetty goes to Thailand

Sue's blogged about her vacation in Thailand, complete with pictures. She went for elephant rides and ate diverse creatures like kangaroos and bugs - check it out!

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May 19, 2005

Afro-Amer-Jap Comedy Gold

This blog is written by a black American in Japan teaching English on the JET program. (Basically, if you have a degree in any discipline, you can teach English in Japan.) It's hilarious! The guy may be somewhat of an ass, but hey, aren't we all sometimes?

I've a lot of friends who were interested in the JET program, I don't know if they ever saw this side of it!


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December 14, 2004

Global Footprint

I've got a fairly small ecological footprint, just 4.2 global hectares when most Canadians require 8.8 hectares. Of course, it helps that I live close to work and don't drive.

Does it surprise anyone that 2.8 of those hectares are dedicated to food? Yeah, I eat a lot, with meat or dairy in almost every meal. I answered that 1/4 or my food is processed, but that might be high - it was just that the only other choice lower was " Most of the food I eat is unprocessed, unpackaged and locally grown" and definitely most of the stuff I get is at least packaged.

So if I stopped eating, there'd be more than enough food for everyone! I'd basically have to turn vegan to reduce the planet's needs to 1 planet.

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January 29, 2004

Link de Jour

Newly added to the blogroll: Belle de Jour - diary of a London Call Girl. There's more than just prurient content here - it's quite well written.

Why can't my life be as interesting?

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January 23, 2004

Are you mocking me?

Trevor has an article on his site detailing his exploits with a slab of beef (hmm, that somehow came out all innuendo-y). Since he usually sticks to news stories, I have to wonder if he's mocking me!

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