March 30, 2008

Debauched Dreams

Lately I've been having really vivid dreams. But last night were exciting-ish. At the time. You know how dreams can be pretty boring to hear about.

Dream 1: Kelly and I were walking home, leaving our parents playing tennis as it grew dark. As we got closer to home, we heard explosions and felt waves of heat. A row of townhouses in our neighborhood were in flames, and the explosions were spreading at an incredible rate. Emergency services were already there, getting it under control. My house was in no danger, but we were stunned at the fire's ferocity and loss of life. We couldn't get past it to get home because of the radiating heat. Then we were panicked as we realized that our parents could see the blaze and would worry that we were part of it. So we started rushing back.

Dream 3: (I forgot dream 2.) I was in a bar in some Hollywood-ish city drinking, doing lines of coke and chatting with the bartender. He was offering to drive me back home and telling stories about how impaired famous people would sometimes want to drive themselves home in his car. There was one more line of drugs on the bar and though I didn't really want it, I was also loathe to waste it. (Yes, apparently I'm cheap even when dreaming.) It glittered with different colors very attractively - maybe due to the club's lighting. Hilariously, my dream consciousness seems to think that doing a line of cocaine has the same effect as alcohol and just takes effect much faster.

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September 26, 2005

Inadequacy Dreams

Whoa, was very active dreaming last night - and they were all crazy and related to feeling stupid.

Flew to school on a dragon that looked more like a brontosaurus than a dragon. A girl (can't remember who) flew with me and was NOT enjoying the ride, especially (understandably) the loops in the air. Whatever, it was fun but later on in the dream the dragon wasn't so much fun...

Long boring dream after the cut...

Was failing Finite math, so I stopped going but never dropped the course. I've never failed a course in my life (though I hate math), but fine. Anyway, it wasn't past midterms, so it wasn't too late to drop it, though I wouldn't get any money back - even though this was high school, for some reason it operated on university terms.

I was supposed to write a pre-test for Computer Science so that they could measure how much the taught us over the year *snort*. Except I needed to validate this letter to get a pass to write the test. I was incensed that they wouldn't just use the validated school photo ID instead of the letter and was ranting about it to the admin person. Of course when their sympathetic eyes got very round, I knew that a Computer prof was behind me. Undeterred, I railed at him and even he had to admit it was pretty stupid.

I worried about graduating on time because of the not-yet-dropped finite class and getting a job on the way home. I walked Cathy B to her car (commenting on the clumps of heather she liked and talking about the fall air and the Don Valley trail) and then looked for my dragon to fly home.

The dragon was nowhere to be found, so I hoofed it. On the way, I saw the towering head of my dragon coming towards me. As it got closer, it got smaller and smaller and deflated until it was a child's pool seahorse ring toy.

For some reason, I was wearing less and less clothes. Finally I was down to wearing underwear on top of my gym shorts. Um. I looked around for a place to change but there was only a really grody public restroom. Yuck. I didn't go in.

And then the alarm went off.

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August 25, 2004

Dream: Hagar the Horrible

It started funnily enough: A foreign king had offered his daughter for marriage to Hagar, but when Hagar got there, the daughter turned out to be unwilling. Hagar promised not to force her to marry him, being all noble.


Then the king offered gems and gold to persuade Hagar to go through with the marriage. Suddenly all sinister, Hagar said "I like that!" In a frozen tableau Hagar had forsworn himself.

The mood had suddenly changed. The character designs of all the characters changed, from roly-poly curves into slender muscular figures. Their eyes were suddenly represented by empty slitted parallelograms outlined in thick black brushstrokes.

As the wedding proceeded, everything was said with an undercurrent of promised violence. Hagar's new bride implied that he might not survive the wedding night. Hagar seemed likely to murder her father in order to take the throne.

I wasn't going to record this dream, except that when I dragged myself out of bed this morning and turned on the TV the first thing I saw was a Hagar comic being panned across the screen. It made the dream feel eerily prescient and more significant.

(Significant of WHAT?)

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