February 01, 2012

Restaurant: Babu

It's a shame I'm not often in the area, because this little Sri Lankan/Indian takeout place is super cheap and really tasty. Unfortunately, there's no sit down restaurant, only takeout. However, everything is laid out cafeteria style, which is great for pointing at dishes that look interesting. I bought a ton and ate this for a week.

Chicken Tikka, breast meat looked dry and was. $1.50/piece
Mutton Masala curry was very tasty but a bit tough.. $3.95
Mutton rolls, deep fried wrapped rolls, similar to spring rolls, were interesting but I'd rather try other stuff next time. $1

Goat Masala curry had the same spiciness as the mutton, but added that yummy goat flavor. $3.95
Basmati rice was enough for 3 generous portions and just $2.45

OMG-will get every time:
Large tandoori chicken quarters were moister than I've had before (cooked in a clay oven, stripped of skin and slashed to let the seasonings penetrate, they're usually somewhat dry). @2.50/quarter
Veggie samosas had a non-traditional wrapper that I liked much better than phyllo but not as much as traditional, but the stuffing was especially savory, even though quite mild. Super cheap at $1/3 pieces
Kadai Chicken curry was SUPER good, tender boneess chicken thighs in a rich mild sauce. $4.45

Taxes were included in the prices, which is welcome though a bit odd. Service was efficient and friendly.

A large meal for three could be had with rice, 6 samosas,2 kadai chicken curries and 3 tandoori chicken quarters for $8 per person. I'll have to try their naan and roti the next time I return. Samosas are dangerously cheap and addictive, it's a good thing I'm not nearby or I'd be eating 3 every time I passed it.

Babu Catering and Takeout
4800 Sheppard Ave East Unit 201-2
Scarborough, ON

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February 02, 2012

Frozen Pizza?!

These are the only frozen pizzas I like - McCain's Ultra-thin. They're only 750 calories for a whole pizza before I add stuff to it. Cheap too, at the sale price of $3.

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February 20, 2012

Steak and Stir Fry

Not why I'm fat - lean tenderloin steak and a whole bunch of veg. I should do this more often.

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