September 23, 2011

Restaurant Review: Navarra (Ottawa)

Delayed post: Ate here in January 2011

Navarra was awesome. We made an evening reservation.

I started with a Sunset Gin ($12), a mistake, since I just don't like alcohol. But the Pintxos appetizer plate for 2 ($7) and roasted beet salad ($4) were yummy as was the bread served with apple butter. The best were the mains, though - the meats, especially!

My adobo pig cheek ($34) was amazing, rich and tender. The prawn that it was served with burst with flavor and I was sucking on the shells to extract every last bit. A companion's braised beef was similarly unctious.

Service and atmosphere was intimate and unobtrusive. The bill was expertly split as well.

I cannot wait to return.

93 Murray Street
Ottawa, Ontario

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September 24, 2011

Restaurant Review: Le Tartuffe (Gatineau)

Delayed post: Ate here in December 2010

I was mildly disappointed by my meal at Le Tartuffe ($65 w/tax and tip, with dessert but no drinks)

On the recommendation of the server, I started with oysters with a raspberry mignonette. It was OK, but nothing particularly special. Next time, I would go with an appetizer off the menu. Tomato pepper cream soup, however, was delicious and well-balanced between acidity and richness.

Unfortunately, the game stuffed quail main was slightly overdone and both tough and dry. The game stuffing could've used some larding or something to add moistness. The berry creme brulee was very good, though.

Service was very friendly and professional. The atmosphere was refined, if a bit dark.

Le Tartuffe (
133, Notre-Dame-de-l'Île street, Gatineau (Québec) J8X 3T2 CANADA
Telephone : 819-776-6424
Fax : 819-776-5980

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September 25, 2011

Restaurant: Memphis BBQ and Wicked Wings

Memphis BBQ is a tiny joint in Woodbridge from which wonderful smells emanate. Get there early if you want to eat in - there's not a lot of seating and it filled in fast. The food, however, did not quite meet the promise of the aroma.

Smoked side ribs were the highlight of the meal., large, tender and nicely sauced. Smoked wings, on the other hand, were tough. Honestly, I've never had smoked wings that were good - the long cooking always toughens them and robs them of precious moisture. The spicy sauces on the wings were just ok - they were a bit acidic. The sweet sauces were much better.

The sides were a mixed bag - baked beans and slaw were fine. The corn bread would've been improved by putting the slice briefly on a hot grill - it was cold. The fries, though, were heinous - coated frozen fries. I left them and would recommend trying a different side instead.

Memphis BBQ and Wicked Wings
8074 Islington Ave
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 1W5

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