October 30, 2010

Naomi's Birthday

Naomi had her birthday party today. I went to look for some gaudy high heel shoes for her to dress up in, but apparently they don't make them in her size. Jen maintains they do, but I looked in several shoe retailers. Naomi will definitely be a shoe girl. I ended up picking up some art supplies for her instead, which she seemed to like too.

I brought a lemon layer cake with a swiss meringue frosting (or italian? I can't remember which one doesn't have the butter), using an America's Test Kitchen recipe... it was ok, and people seemed to like it ok, but I didn't particularly care for it. Also, the layers were a pain, they didn't bake up evenly, so I've ordered some baking strips that insulate the sides of the pans that are supposed to aid even baking.

What WAS a hit was the chimichurri sauce that we made to go with the beef tenderloin roast that we made for dinner. Jen's father particularly loved it and thickly slathered it over the slices of beef. I was kinda worried that people wouldn't like it because it's so strong - parsley, raw garlic, vinegar, olive oil.

The roast itself was tasty and tender, but the recipe promised a nice dark crust which did not materialize. No one seemed to notice, but I was a bit disappointed. It was roasted at 425F. I think next time, I'd prefer my usual method of searing on the stove top and then roasting at a low slow temperature.

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