August 01, 2010

Refusal To Listen

My father absolutely, positively refuses to listen. I've told him this... but he refuses to listen.

He won't listen when

  • he's asked a question - like how to get from MY HOUSE to the nearest major street.
  • he angrily wants to tell someone, at length, how to buy a car - taking fits when anyone tries to interrupt with the simple information that they don't want a car
  • he's lost going to a restaurant, but will not take directions from someone in the car who's looked up a map
  • I phone him, to tell him the results of the legwork (appointment scheduling) I've done for the parents because they don't like being on the phone. For some reason, he thinks he's still better informed.

In all cases (and these are by no means exhaustive... 3/4 of these examples took place in the last 3 days), I have to wait till he's finished, says/does something that doesn't make sense, and then correct him. It's petty to complain about it online... but it's even more pointless to bring it up in person.

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August 15, 2010

Zip Lining with Jen

Went zip-lining with Jen at Tree Top Trekking in Horseshoe Valley Resort. Actually, it was more like going through obstacle courses up in the trees, with zip-lining thrown in. The zip lines were a lot of fun, and there was a huge long one at the end. Unfortunately, if you don't grab the ropes on the opposite side of the zip line, you end up hanging in the middle and have to hand-over-hand to the end - which is quite the workout. I only let that happen the first time :)

Of course, before any climbing could take place, there were waivers to sign. But actually, it felt really safe, between the harnesses and the carabiners connecting us to the steel cables. There were quite a few trails, with different obstacles and difficulty levels. We went on all the hardest ones... by the end of the 3 hour session, our arms and legs were like jello and we were soaked through with sweat.

It was a really good time, though. Afterward, we went swimming with Naomi and Jen's mom in the resort's salt water pool and finished up with dinner. Jen's room had a full kitchen, so I cooked up some strip loins which we ate with roasted potatoes and some pineapple/mango fruit salad for dessert.

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