November 01, 2009

Naomi's 4th Birthday

Naomi's 4 years old now - time is really flying fast. She seems to have a thing for tradition, though, same green pistachio cake, same chocolate cupcakes. (Same ladybug costume for halloween too! That was yesterday.) She seemed to have a good time, though she got a bit touchy toward the middle of the party.

Last year, she was all about my chocolate cupcakes, but this year she TOTALLY went for Grandpa's pistachio cake. I'm not sure what's with the BONFIRE of candles (each letter of "happy birthday") but she did a good job blowing them all out.

In unrelated news, Jen's brother is pretty good at table tennis - but unless he let me win, he's not quite as good as I am ;) I can't play easy against him, though, or he wins.

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November 06, 2009

Computer Problems = Money Problems

I upgraded to Windows 7 on the weekend. It went really well, considering. Just some minor-but-very-irritating issues with connecting to an old Samba share. Also? for some reason the Home Premium edition doesn't include the security policy editor. Fail.

Anyway, my data hard drive, which has been threatening to die for a while, finally did. I was able to get most of the data off, thankfully, but it took forever. Of course, a new hard drive, a dock to transfer files easily, another new hard drive for backups... all add up. Then I went and bought an Acer Home Server that I really didn't need because it was a great price. But I didn't have anywhere to put it and I didn't really need it (I only have 1 computer so I can really just keep everything on it). So I returned that.

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