June 04, 2009

Ontario Food Terminal

Sean's father-in-law owns a nearby farm on the Holland Marsh. Sean and I offered to accompany him to the Ontario Food Terminal (fall harvest pics), where he and other wholesalers go to sell their product.

At this time of year, Mr. Wong sells flowering annuals and seedlings. We left REALLY early - about 4am from the farm. The most popular thing seemed to be Chinese melon seedlings which were selling briskly all day for about $8/flat. Other stalls were selling produce and plants. The place is huge, and most vendors here have motorized skid lifts which they scoot around on. Sean and I delivered a bunch of stuff for the vendor in the neighboring stall, but all we had was a non-powered lift.

Trucks line a huge covered pathway with cold storage for the importers. Everything's wholesale quantity,so I didn't actually buy anything, though I did score a couple pots of basil in return for making deliveries. Most of the deliveries that we made were to various trucks and some are a fair hike! Everything's cash-based here, it seems. (Most interesting produce: Sean saw a couple of people haggling over the price of some marijuana.)

As we were repacking the truck to leave, the lift on the back of the truck stopped working! Mr. Wong is pretty handy, so after a whole bunch of fiddling it finally kicked back in and we were on our way home - with me falling asleep in my seat.

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June 11, 2009

Making Perogies

My super awesome neighbor had me over so that her Polish mother-in-law could show me how to make the perogies that I enjoyed so much previously. Grandma doesn't speak English, so my neighbor acted as translator as we put it together. Everything was pretty simple, so I'll have to make a big batch to freeze sometime soon!

The recipe below isn't really meant to be a recipe, just notes on how things were made.


8 medium sized yukon gold potatoes, cubed, boiled, cooled.
1 500g package of cottage cheese, the really dry kind that has been vacuum packed, salt free
1 large finely minced onion, browned in a fair amount of oil
black pepper, salt to taste

Mix with hands, crush together

5 generous cups of medium low protein flour
2 tbs salt
3 tbs butter melted in 2 cups of hot water, cooled with 1/2 cup cold water

Knead together, adding flour as needed, till soft and pliable, barely sticky.
Roll out with flour as needed, loosening constantly.
Cut rounds out with a small glass, fill with a spoon and crimp well.

Boil in the potato pot with some butter and salt. Stir occasionally. ~6 minutes or till floating.
Remove, stir with a bit of oil.

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June 14, 2009

Sitting Naomi

Jen drafted Eric to build her brick patio. My role was playing with Naomi at my place so that she wouldn't be underfoot! Hey, that works for me - it's a lot easier than lifting patio stones!

We had a great time. We played outside in my neighbor's swing set and picked chive flowers from my garden. My other neighbor's little girl, Gabriella, also came out and played, so I didn't have much to do other than pushing swings.

When Gabriella went in for dinner, we went for a snack. Naomi looooooved the alphonse mango that I gave her. They're a lot less fibrous than regular mangoes and more consistently sweet. After eating the chopped pieces, she asked for the pit to chew on. We took the other to show Jen so she'd know what to buy. Predictably, the sliced apple went ignored after the mango came out.

We played for a bit inside on the beanbag and the piano - that's her pretending to sleep in the beanbag. Just as Jen called for Naomi to be brought home, Gabriella tapped on the back door wanting to play again. So we played for another 10 minutes before heading back to her house.

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June 27, 2009

Riley's Birthday Cake

This wasn't an official birthday cake - the official birthday cake was a filipino purple-fleshed ube cake. This was a supplemental cake - a good thing since the official cake was several hours late.

Anyway, this was a sheet cake that I gussied up with icing and berries and glaze. The recipe came from The Pioneer Woman (even though it looks nothing like it!) - it's a pretty standard chocolate cake made with cocoa, melted butter and baking soda. The icing is super easy too - melted butter blended with cocoa, then icing sugar to the desired consistency. One of the nice things about this recipe is that it uses salted butter - cheaper and easier to have on hand. Baking it in a half sheet pan is easy, but makes getting the layers even a bit touchy - I used greased parchment.

Anyway, it was a great success - it was pretty much devoured :)

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