May 30, 2009

2 Moves

16 hours of moving crap has left my arms like limp noodles.

On Thursday, Trev took ownership of his new Mattamy house. It's really awesome and Mattamy did a lot of nice finishing touches - keyless electronic entry on the door from the garage, counterbalanced fiberglass garage doors, CFL light bulbs, ledgeback sink in the kitchen with a sprayer attachment, granite lintel on the front door, drawers lining all the counter tops in the kitchen and much more. It's really nice.

His dad and a few friends helped move all the boxes and small items from his old place to the garage of his new house, filling it about 1/2 way (though we took the beds in). What a lot of STUFF Trev has! Not so much furniture, but a lot of random stuff. It took numerous trips back and forth in their vehicles and was a bit complicated by duct cleaners and appliance deliveries. Also? It was raining a LOT and dealing with mud and puddles was a pain.

On Friday, I helped Melanie move from her house in my neighborhood to a basement apartment. For the rental price, it's a LOT nicer than my previous basement apartment! It has a great kitchen, 2 bedrooms (as opposed to my 1 bedroom without a window!) and laundry facilities. The bathroom is a lot nicer too.

Melanie rented a full sized U-Haul moving truck, which was awesome because it fit just about everything in one trip (Trev, for the price of about 50 bucks, it would've made things much easier - could've moved the furniture and everything on Thursday in 1 trip!). Melanie didn't have quite as much random crud as Trev's family, but her furniture was CRAZY heavy in comparison and there was more of it, bunches of it were on the top floor and only me and her ex were there to help load the truck. Despite the low ceiling going down into the apartment (and a king size bed!), unloading went a bit easier. There was no rain, but we were sweating buckets.

Anyway, glad that's over! After Thursday I was a little sore, but after Friday I was really sore! Should be working out, I guess! Both Trev and Melanie still have a lot of unpacking to do...

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