February 14, 2009


I entertained Naomi for Jen and Dan for Valentine's day while they did dinner and a movie. We had fun playing with stuffed animals and watching ASL signing DVDs. Later, we went to my place where Naomi saw the neighbor's swing set from the back window. We went out for a bit, but it was pretty cold. Then we made cookies, played around on the piano while they were baking and finally went to build a tent out of bedsheets and large packs of toilet paper. I don't think she was quite ready to leave when Jen came to pick her up.

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February 22, 2009


Today I boiled 3 chicken carcasses (backs, breast bones, rib cages etc. left over from roasting chicken parts) down into chicken stock. Then I picked off the boiled scraps of meat from the bones and combined them with diced jarred roasted peppers, sweet pickles and seasoning to make a chicken salad for sandwich stuffing. Since I don't care for the jarred peppers and rarely eat pickles, that's two things made almost entirely out of 'waste' food.

Not that it saved me a LOT of money, but it made me feel very frugal.

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Back to Exercise

Well, I've started exercising again... with a vengeance! My goal is to swim a kilometer a day unless I make plans with someone else to do something. So far, in the last 5 days, I've been swimming every day but once. And the scale has dropped a couple of pounds, so that's good.

My arms are in a perpetual state of soreness, but I'm not sure if it's because of the swimming or the "One Hundred Pushups" program that I've been trying to do (with mixed results and dedication). I'm on Week 3/Day 3 of that program, middle column. Likewise with the "Two Hundred Sit-ups" program, of which I'm on Week 2/Day 3.

Sean came over and played table tennis with me a couple times too. Sadly, he's quite a bit ahead in his tally of wins - all because of one lousy streak that I had... ah well. It's still exercise if I lose, I guess! And he's been packing ON some pounds, so he needs to play more :P (Hey, I have to get my digs in somewhere if I'm not winning at ping pong.)

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