July 01, 2008

A Day In The Life... Mary Brown's

I finally got the chance to work (well, volunteer) in Scott's Mary Brown's Fried Chicken restaurant! Throughout highschool, I had always wanted to work there, but it was the last place Scott wanted to be. Heh, I think he regrets it now, though, since he had to admit that I picked things up faster than their average new employee.

I got to do all sorts of stuff - preparing potatoes was the worst, cuz I'm slow. I breaded and fried chicken and taters, which was fun. I unpacked raw chicken for Scott to cut on a huge circular saw (I didn't try the saw). And I packed orders (which is actually harder than it sounds, because the taters, sandwiches and chicken fingers are fried to order, and that's part of packing).

It was pretty hard work - mostly the part about being on your feet all day. My feet were hurting by the end of the day.

After we closed the shop, we went to Scott's place and set off some fireworks in the backyard. The first firecracker wasn't buried properly and fell over - shooting balls of fire over the fence into the neighbour's yard! After that, we got a bigger pot and things went more sedately.

By the end of the evening, Scott was trying to convince me of young-earth creationism again, which is fun, because all the 'science' is soooo flawed or deceptively presented. The moon dust argument was the one he was talking about. I think he was starting to get upset when I was challenging everything though, near the end. Oops!

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July 04, 2008

Dinner at Sean's

I worked at Sean's house today and went to lunch at Swiss Chalet with Renato and Dom. We used to get 20% off, but now we just get free drinks... Not as good for me, since I usually just get water. I like iced tea, but I slug it back, which probably isn't too good for my waistline.

Jax and Sean invited me for dinner. I bbq'ed some rib steaks that Jax had marinating and Jax made corn (really nice and sweet!). Everything was really good. Their son Brandon (almost 4) is a bit of a picky eater, so he mostly ate noodles and broth. Sarah (15 months) is demanding when it comes to food - and she likes to feed herself.

We player outside for a bit, then headed off to a couple stores with Brandon to find the remote control version of Wall-E the robot. I was impressed by Brandon's reading skills - he can actually sound out words - a bit of trouble with "Indiana" (Jones) but no trouble with "lotto centre". Just like daddy - all about the gambling!

Sarah liked Wall-E too. She would booty-dance along with it when it was playing music and waving its arms. Too much Girlicious on the iMac! She likes me too, now, and will come and ask to be picked up when she's in the mood. She has a toy that makes bubbles which she really likes (she lead me across the house to fetch it from the foyer) and can say "bubble" and "pop!".

Sean and I also played a bit of head-to-head Tetris on the Nintendo DS. Long story short: he sucks!

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July 11, 2008

Recipe: Strawberry Syrup

Dom asked for the recipe for the Strawberry Syrup that I made. Though, really, it's not much of a recipe... and I usually only make it when I'm out of maple syrup. The ingredient list is simple: sugar, water, jam, lemon, berries (optional), bourbon (optional).

Quick Strawberry Syrup

In a heavy small saucepan boil
1/2 cup of water
3/4 cup of sugar
until the sugar has dissolved completely and the mixture is bubbling merrily.

Stir in a few tablespoons of strawberry jam.
Optionally stir in a teaspoon or two of bourbon or rum. (I did this with Dom.)

Take off the heat and add some grated lemon zest and add lemon juice to taste. (Taste frequently as you add drops of lemon juice so that you get it the way you want it!)

Stir in some sliced strawberries (optional ... I forgot to do it, Dom, but it'll taste better!)

Serve warm (reheat in the microwave if refrigerated).

Substitution: seedless raspberry jam would work as well if you're looking for something that looks a bit more sophisticated

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