April 11, 2008


A few weeks ago, I started working at a new position in my department. So far, it's only temporary, but there's a lot of pluses and minuses.

I work with people I really like, and in general, it's a strong group.
The manager is really good at motivating.
The work is really interesting and challenging.

There's a LOT of work, and it's more stressful, while the pay is about the same.
Given the nature of the job, people don't automatically "like" me as much.

I've gotten to travel a lot - so far, to Halifax and Ottawa.
It's sort of high profile, which has both good and bad points. I'm dealing a lot more with my manager and even our executives, which I rarely did in my usual position.
I've heard rumors that my old job might be moved to a farther location, which would cost me more in gas than it's worth. So staying in my new job for as long as I can is probably the best thing right now.

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April 16, 2008

Exercise - Swimming

So my trampoline broke and I've been gaining weight (have you noticed that I haven't updated the weigh-ins for a while?... it's too depressing!) I haven't gained enough weight back to have to give back any rewards, though.

Since I cut my hair and have prescription swim goggles, I bit the bullet and bought a yearly swim pass. The intent is to swim 3 times a week - so this involves getting up really early in the morning. Blech. I went twice this week and enjoyed it quite a bit - the swimming, not the getting up early. I better see some results soon!

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April 17, 2008

Dinner at Trev's x2

Hmm, this post disappeared on me.

Earlier this week Rucell invited me to dinner. She bbq'ed some salmon and sausages. It was really really good. I don't have a bbq, so it's always a treat. I brought some cupcakes to test drive for Riley's birthday next month. He seemed to like them. Riley's very co-ordinated for a 10 month old. He enjoys rolling things around on the floor and chasing after them and can walk unassisted (though he prefers to crawl most of the time).

Yesterday, I took Trev some split pea soup (apparently one of his favorites) and some oil biscuits to dunk in it. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, but unfortunately the chicken that I had bbq'ed last minute was just a bit underdone. Oops. I'm so helpless without my meat thermometer!

Riley's totally used to me now (finally!). He waves and demands to be carried around. His favorite play is slapping down spinning round things on the hard laminate floor.

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April 19, 2008

Week of Kids

Naomi still gives me a suspicious look every now and again, but she's quite happy to play with me and only once mentioned that I had cut off all my hair. We had a good time - she's grown into a destructive streak where everything has to be knocked over or torn down! No sooner had Dan gone to take a shower than Naomi exclaimed in a surprised voice: "Oh! I pooped!" Me: "Daaaaan!" But he was already in the shower.

I went to help out the neighbors with some computer stuff and played with Daniel and Amelia. Amelia is FINALLY used to the short hair now, so that's good. She's not at the point yet where she's demanding to be picked up all the time, though (or maybe she's outgrown it) - she mostly likes playing with dolls and strollers.

So it looks like I'm good again with all the kids.

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April 20, 2008

Scaling It Down: Week 13-15 Plateau

I've totally plateaued... no weight loss in about 3 weeks! Augh. That's probably why I've been avoiding this entry.
Well, I've got my swim pass, so hopefully if I swim about 3x per week, I'll start to see it coming off again.
DateWeight lbsBody Fat %Water %
Dec 29 171.6 25.2 54.1
Jan 5 170.0 24.7 54.4
Jan 12 169.2 24.7 54.3
Jan 19 167.6 23.5 55.0
Jan 26 167.0 23.1 55.3
Feb 2 166.4 23.6 54.9
Feb 9 166.8 24.1 54.7
Feb 16 164.8 24.1 54.7
Feb 23 166.4 23.1 55.2
Mar 1 162.6 23.9 54.8
Mar 8 162.6 23.1 55.2
Mar 15 162.6 22.4 55.6
Mar 22 166 22.9 55.4
Mar 29 165.2 25.2 54.1
Apr 5 166.2 24.5 54.4
Apr 12 164.8 23.6 55.0
Apr 19 164.8 23.4 55.1
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April 24, 2008

Best Hotel Ever!

Went to Ottawa for an overnight meeting (more on that later) and stayed at the best hotel ever: the Albert at Bay. For the same price as my one-room, pay-per-day Internet, noisy Ottawa Marriott, I got a suite that was bigger than my friend's condo! Apparently the rooms are converted condo/apartments.

TWO bathroom! The master bedroom ensuite had a glass enclosed shower stall, the other had traditional tub. The bedroom is in a separate room with a huge closet and safe. Full kitchen with fridge, stove, dishwasher. It was fully stocked with cutlery, dishes and quite nice pans (Lagostina aluminium bottoms). There was also a separate office that I didn't really use at all - likely it was a second bedroom before being converted. The main room was big enough to have a kitchen table along with a sitting area and TV. The balcony was nice too. Internet was free - though I didn't have my laptop there since it was only one night.

And at $140/night, it's cheaper than the other hotels that I've stayed at, too.

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April 25, 2008

Ottawa Trip

Unlike the last trip, this one was only 2 days, for an all-staff meeting. Sadly, I was slightly sick for a bunch of it, and now I'm -really- sick... I've basically lost my voice completely.

Anyway, the meeting was productive. There was also a 'recognition' portion where I got a thank you note and gift for work that I did with some of our tools. Which was very nice (especially the note!) but did make me the target of jokes for the rest of the evening, since I just recently joined the team...

We also went out for a night on the town after work on Wednesday and had fun - though the last club that we went to was very odd. Bunches of young kids (well, you know, from my aged perspective) a few older people, a couple of solitary people just hanging around..

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