March 01, 2008

Scaling It Down: Week 9... Wow!

I was better with my eating this week, but my trampoline broke. So I haven't really been exercising. I can't find the receipt for the trampoline either. Argh. So I'm thinking that I'll have to get my hair cut and get back swimming, because the 'premium' trampolines are really expensive and I might have to mail order them in.

Surprisingly, for the last couple of days I've been losing weight REALLY quickly - I lost almost 4 lbs! That makes me think that last week's weight gain was an anomaly (I'm only 2lbs lighter than TWO weeks ago). As it is, I'm only 1 lb short of my next reward! And I haven't even spent the last reward money yet!


DateWeight lbsBody Fat %Water %
Dec 29 171.6 25.2 54.1
Jan 5 170.0 24.7 54.4
Jan 12 169.2 24.7 54.3
Jan 19 167.6 23.5 55.0
Jan 26 167.0 23.1 55.3
Feb 2 166.4 23.6 54.9
Feb 9 166.8 24.1 54.7
Feb 16 164.8 24.1 54.7
Feb 23 166.4 23.1 55.2
Mar 1 162.6 23.9 54.8
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March 02, 2008

Fish at Jen's

Yesterday I went to Jen's to cook dinner. In general, I cook whatever is on sale, and this wasn't any different. On sale: cod, potatoes, romaine lettuce, strawberries. So since we're supposed to be watching what we're eating, that was pretty good.

I breaded the cod with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese (bad!) and we baked the potatoes (good!). The romaine and strawberries, with some balsamic vinaigrette. I wasn't too happy with the cod and won't be making it again, but Jen (and surprisingly, Naomi) enjoyed it. I did like the tartar sauce though! (Bad! Jen didn't have ANY!)

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March 04, 2008


So I got my hair cut today - more than 2 feet of it, and there was still enough on the floor to make a large cat out of.

My co-workers are tickled pink. Initial first impression: I'm gonna get a cold - it's FREEZING without hair covering my head and neck. It looked flat, but there was evidently a lot of insulative value there. Also, the gunk that the hairdresser used is a bit smelly - I'm anti-scent in general.

Overall, though, it looks pretty ok. Better than what I had, anyway. There's only so much you can do with a fat face!

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March 14, 2008


I started a new job (still with the same employer) last Monday, and we kicked off with a team meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, I suck, and didn't take any pictures. We had a pretty good time, though, and the team as a whole seems really strong, so here's hoping I can keep up. (Ugh, already ended up working most of this weekend to deliver a spreadsheet template.)

Despite being pretty ignorant of the group's functions, I still took part in the debates and discussions. Heh, hopefully I didn't make TOO much of an ass of myself. (Sean would tell me though, I hope. And Sandy bought me a drink after I incoherently, but correctly, questioned a project manager's prioritization of his project.)

Anyway, work stuff is just... work stuff, so here's what we did after hours!

Just a warning, though, apparently websites in Halifax have a LOT of useless Flash. Yeesh. So my links will be past front pages and may stop working in the future.

On Monday we got dinner at an Irish pub called The Old Triangle. I had an OK Irish Stew that was more root veggies than lamb. (Mental note: Eric may be unsound when it comes to food recommendations.) After, we went to The Lower Deck for beer and saw Signal Hill. Their music was much better than their website, a lot of 80s covers and maritime songs, so it was a good time.

Tuesday evening, I went with Sean and John to Casino Nova Scotia (I think). I don't really gamble, but I learned enough about Black Jack from Sean to be almost tempted to play. But not quite! The odds are actually much more even than I thought they were, for Black Jack at least.

Wednesday was party night. All of us went to the Pogue, where we left after being told that they wouldn't run a tab because they were too busy (they weren't) and substituting Eric's beer with something that was apparently vile. So Sandy ended up having to practically chug his pitcher of beer - the early start of a huge hangover for him! Our manager, who's local to the area, ended up tearing a strip off of the poor server/barman/whatever it was. Wet snow as falling, so there were a lot of snowballs being thrown.

Anyway, we headed back The Old Triangle. By this time, I was starving, so I was feeling the shots and beer that were ordered before the food came. (I should've gotten their mix for the Killer Koolaid - It was awesome and not nearly as good elsewhere.) This time, I ordered a Dublin Pastie. It had been sold out the previous visit and I found out why - it was great! Chicken and ham in bechamel sauce, wrapped in thick puff pastry. Mmmmm.

Repeating Monday, we then went back to The Lower Deck, where Signal Hill was performing again. Many pitchers of beer were consumed (but not by me, I was taking a break). After that, we went to Cheers, a club with a live band (nothing near as good as Signal Hill), dance floor and a crowd that looked about 10 years younger than me... and I'm the youngest of our group! That didn't stop the ladies in our group from being hit on, though! We passed through the Liquor Dome, but the crowd there was even younger.

More shots ensured that some of our group would have a banging hangover the next morning. (I'm told there was some puking going on...) I just had 3, though, so I was fine. I would gladly blame my dancing on the drinks, but unfortunately I did the dancing before the drinking... whatever. Sambuca and some chocolate thing was better than expected, but the Killer Koolaid here wasn't nearly as good as at the Triangle. Francina and I spent the earlier portion of our visit being bemused by the kids (heh, I'm so old!) and she was getting hit on by a truly creepy older gent.

Unfortunately, the evening ended on a low note - Sean's jacket got stolen! And it had all his ID in it as well! So we had to call Jax, back in Ontario, at 4am to cancel his cards. She was not impressed.

The next day was a bit of a drag - a bunch of people had hangovers and those of us who didn't were damn tired. The worst part was waiting at the airport for the flight to arrive - we were delayed and ended up waiting for a few hours. It was fun to fly - I haven't been on a plane since I was really young.

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March 15, 2008

Scaling It Down: Week 9-10 Back to Normal

Sigh, it was too good to last. I'm back up a pound and a half. Still, I'm trending steadily down. Last week I was eating out the entire week in Halifax and only gained 0.2 lbs. So that was a relief. For the 10 week anniversary, I'm posting a chart of my progress! I actually usually measure daily, so there are more data points on this chart.
DateWeight lbsBody Fat %Water %
Dec 29 171.6 25.2 54.1
Jan 5 170.0 24.7 54.4
Jan 12 169.2 24.7 54.3
Jan 19 167.6 23.5 55.0
Jan 26 167.0 23.1 55.3
Feb 2 166.4 23.6 54.9
Feb 9 166.8 24.1 54.7
Feb 16 164.8 24.1 54.7
Feb 23 166.4 23.1 55.2
Mar 1 162.6 23.9 54.8
Mar 8 162.6 23.1 55.2
Mar 15 162.6 22.4 55.6
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March 16, 2008

The Kids Are Afraid!

Unlike the adults, the kids don't care for the new haircut.

Naomi, the first to see it, came running and shouting "Jason!", as usual. Then she saw me and screeched to a halt, backed away and started mumbling under her breath. After some explanation and a few suspicious looks, we were playing as usual - with the odd sidelong glance.

The next door kids had different reactions. Daniel, the older one, flatly told me: "You're not Jason." But showing him my old ponytail convinced him that it was me. Little Emilia, on the other hand, was too shy in the little time I had to convince that I was trustworthy. So she'll have to get used to me all over again!

My godson, Riley, took one look and then clung to daddy. Since we were at my place, I didn't have the plastic rings that we had so much fun spinning on the floor last time. He slowly became used to me after about 10 minutes or so and then was ok - though he was still looking to Trev for occasional reassurance. He was pretty tired, though, after a long day out.

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March 20, 2008


I spent this past week in Ottawa for work. Of COURSE I didn't bring my camera, and I would've liked to get some pictures of the legislature buildings and other places. Oh well, maybe next time. More below...

The train trip there and back on Via One were great. Meals and drinks were served and, unlike last time, the food was pretty good! On the way there, the appetizer was a lobster and feta salad (the lobster bits were seen, but not really tasted). The main was "Thai Curry Shrimp". The shrimp were plump and tasty but the curry wasn't really a curry - more like a pale white ginger sauce. It was still pretty good, though. Dessert was a mousse that was ok. On the way back the food was better - smoked salmon appetizer, sole and shrimp in cream sauce with spinach and rice, and a wedge of caramel cheesecake. Of course, I was downing white wine with the meal, so maybe that had something to do with it. Apparently, I become flushed when drinking wine, as opposed to other spirits. I also enjoyed a couple of rum and cokes (the rum was Lamb's white... and tasted pretty good, so I might have to get some.)

The hotel, by contrast, sucked. I'm not staying at the Ottawa Marriott anymore! The internet was a gouging ten bucks a DAY, so I didn't get it. The fan, when on, intermittently made a noise that I was mistaking for a helicopter outside the building! I could also hear water noises from the other rooms. Bah. Next time, I'll take Sean's advice and stay at the Albert on Bay (I think) which has complimentary internet and an in-room kitchen! Heh, maybe I'll pack food in my luggage! The only good thing about the Marriott was that we didn't have to go outside to get to the building where the meetings were taking place.

The meetings were a bit on the boring side. Funnily enough, less fuss was made about my haircut than at my previous meeting where the people had never seen me before anyway. So that was good!

After work, we went to a pub where Deb lost her wallet (shades of Sean!) but then found it in her coat lining. One manager was ribbed incessantly about being the only one to fail a training test recently (poor guy! He was laughing along with us but there was a slightly plaintive quality to it).. but really he seemed more thrown when Dom pointed out that he looks exactly like a young Donny Osmond, which cracked me right up. Apparently his wife has made the same observation. Someone needs to show his kids some Donny Osmond musical performances and tell them it's Daddy! (Uh, I'm a bit unsure about who Donny Osmond is, exactly...) My fish 'n chips were just OK, though it was a huge portion and the whiskey and mushroom gravy was really nice.

When we returned to the hotel we commandeered a projector and an empty conference room and played video games on a Nintendo Wii for a bit. My tennis practice stood me in good stead, but my lack of bowling was very evident.

Another night we went to a casino buffet to celebrate a co-worker's retirement. Again, the food was just OK, though everyone else seemed to enjoy it. No one really gambled, though, just some slots. We wound up leaving early, which was good, since I was pretty tired.

I'm really glad to be home, though, after 2 weeks of being mostly away. Traveling is fun, but I miss good home cooked food.

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March 21, 2008

New Computer

I couldn't resist this deal.

Intel® Core™2 Q6600 Quad-Core (8MB L2 cache,2.4GHz,1066FSB)
Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition, English
2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 2DIMMs
250GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache
Dell link

$500 after coupon code C85K5P3K569JVS, with free shipping.

My current computer is more than 5 years old, so this will be quite an improvement. This computer can also take HDD expansion, has two free DIMM slots for more memory and a graphics card slot. It comes with Windows XP - I'm a bit concerned that I won't be able to get this kind of computer without MS Vista pre-installed soon.

Edit: from Sean... here's what the processor costs locally at Canada Computers
$250! That's like $250 for the rest of the computer!

Let's see:
$250 CPU
$30 DVD-R drive
$60 Motherboard (?)
$60 Memory
$60 HDD
$40 Case + PSU
$100 WinXP Home OEM

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March 29, 2008

Scaling It Down: Week 11-12 Augh!

Not only is my scale calling me obese again, but my weight is back up a whole bunch! Augh!

This is the predictable result of my trampoline being broken and being in Nova Scotia and Ottawa for two weeks and not being able to cook my own food. I've gotta start swimming soon.

DateWeight lbsBody Fat %Water %
Dec 29 171.6 25.2 54.1
Jan 5 170.0 24.7 54.4
Jan 12 169.2 24.7 54.3
Jan 19 167.6 23.5 55.0
Jan 26 167.0 23.1 55.3
Feb 2 166.4 23.6 54.9
Feb 9 166.8 24.1 54.7
Feb 16 164.8 24.1 54.7
Feb 23 166.4 23.1 55.2
Mar 1 162.6 23.9 54.8
Mar 8 162.6 23.1 55.2
Mar 15 162.6 22.4 55.6
Mar 22 166 22.9 55.4
Mar 29 165.2 25.2 54.1

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March 30, 2008

Debauched Dreams

Lately I've been having really vivid dreams. But last night were exciting-ish. At the time. You know how dreams can be pretty boring to hear about.

Dream 1: Kelly and I were walking home, leaving our parents playing tennis as it grew dark. As we got closer to home, we heard explosions and felt waves of heat. A row of townhouses in our neighborhood were in flames, and the explosions were spreading at an incredible rate. Emergency services were already there, getting it under control. My house was in no danger, but we were stunned at the fire's ferocity and loss of life. We couldn't get past it to get home because of the radiating heat. Then we were panicked as we realized that our parents could see the blaze and would worry that we were part of it. So we started rushing back.

Dream 3: (I forgot dream 2.) I was in a bar in some Hollywood-ish city drinking, doing lines of coke and chatting with the bartender. He was offering to drive me back home and telling stories about how impaired famous people would sometimes want to drive themselves home in his car. There was one more line of drugs on the bar and though I didn't really want it, I was also loathe to waste it. (Yes, apparently I'm cheap even when dreaming.) It glittered with different colors very attractively - maybe due to the club's lighting. Hilariously, my dream consciousness seems to think that doing a line of cocaine has the same effect as alcohol and just takes effect much faster.

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