September 03, 2007

Busy Long Weekend

It was a VERY busy long weekend - not a single day all to myself! I had guests over twice for meals and went out twice. I'm very tired :-)

Details below...

Saturday: I had invited my neighbors, Mike and Bo, over for lunch with their kids. Unfortunately, Mike got called away unexpectedly at the last minute. I think Bo might've wanted to reschedule, but everything was already cooked. We had shrimp pasta, tomato salad, steamed mussels and fresh bread. I think that she enjoyed it and she asked about how the sauce was made. Bo brought over a bottle of Frangelico, and I used some the next day in a dessert.

Her kids, Daniel (4) and Emilia (13 months), had a lot of fun, too - I think to Bo's surprise! When they first came in, Daniel wanted to go straight home, but he loved the Sumo beanbag. He would take running leaps into it and jump off the stairs into it. He also really liked playing on the piano. (Hmm, I meant to write about both of those, but never really did.) Emilia loved the peeled and seeded cucumber spears - she'd never had them before - and ate about half a cucumber! At first, Daniel wouldn't eat anything, but later he got hungry and enjoyed some macaroni and cheese and carrot sticks. Bo was rolling her eyes and said that if she cooks the stuff at home, Daniel doesn't eat it.

Saturday evening: I went with Dan to Fiona and Martin's house to play games. It was a lot of fun. Fiona's expecting a baby and it's due in 2 months!

Sunday: I went to help Dave K move into the apartment he'll be staying in while doing a Master's degree at McMaster University. It was really, really tough. He's on the third floor of a building where the stairs are an exterior wooden structure at the back. But the passage to the stairs, between the buildings, was only just wider than shoulder width! So we weren't able to take in the sofa or kitchen table (frankly, though, I don't think either would really fit). Anyway, there was a lot of lifting and even more climbing. I'm surprised my legs aren't killing me.

Dave D (too many Daves!) bussed into Hamilton to help as well, but they had given him the wrong house number - yeeks. He wasn't upset about it, though, from what I could tell. By the end of the day he was sprawled on the floor of Dave's apartment sleeping, exhausted.

Monday: Dave B (more Daves!), Trev and Erich came over to do some RPGing. I made chicken pasta, more tomato salad (Erich brought over some lovely heirloom tomatoes and paid for the ingredients), garlic bread and peaches with hazelnut liqueur, oat crumble topping and pound cake. Erich brought a white wine that was very acidic - I didn't care for it, but I don't drink wine in general so it didn't matter (I just like tasting). Trev and Dave aren't fans of tomatoes in general (hey, Erich requested it!) but Dave B seemed to enjoy the dessert.

Whew! I'm going to have to sleep at work tomorrow!

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September 09, 2007

Riley's Baptism

Today I participated in Riley's baptism ceremony and celebration. It was an honor - heh, and I'm likely spiritually unworthy, as I'm not a devout Catholic! The ceremony was very short and ended with water from the fount being poured 3 times over Riley's head and blessings being passed along and a candle being lit in commemoration. Riley was really well behaved throughout the whole thing. We went to lunch after and ate far too much. Later in the day, we went to Trev and Rucell's (the proud parents) house where Rucell and her friends had prepared a LOT of food and spent the rest of the evening getting to know everyone. Bonus points if you figure out the pic.

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September 15, 2007

Week In Review

All in all it was a pretty good week. I took 2 days off work because my driveway was being paved with its topcoat and I was stuck in the garage (I have a lot of vacation days, because I haven't taken any for a loooong time).

Jen and I split some chocolate ordered online - batches of 5g squares of 70% dark chocolate flavored with coffee from different countries and some Valrhona 40% milk chocolate squares.

I went to see Brandon, Sara and Sean's new Macs (iMac... pretty!). Brandon and I played on his Mac Mini, a cool Whack-a-Mole game that seems to encourage violence, and bowling with plastic pins on the hardwood floor.

Played cards with friends and won about 60 bucks (yay!) and got lost on the way home because they had moved the community mailboxes that I use as a landmark. And that's a good thing, because my mailbox was moved to a more convenient location just a tiny bit down the street from my house - which will be way easier to get to than 3 blocks away.

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