May 08, 2007

Restaurant: Wasabi

Wasabi is a new "Japanese" all-you-can-eat restaurant in the same plaza as the Walker Hill Korean BBQ restaurant. We went there for lunch to sample the all-you-can-eat sushi and other stuff.

I'm told that for dinner you can order all different kinds of sushi and sashimi. However, lunch seemed confined to salmon and shrimp nigiri, fish egg and california maki and some hand rolls. I didn't bother with the shrimp nigiri - the others were pretty good, though, especially the salmon. Items were made in a sushi-bar style display podium.

Other dishes were also available from a buffet - the usual chinese buffet standards. Everything was pretty acceptable, which is actually praise, since it was also pretty inexpensive ($12 or so). The garlic shrimp was very nice, while calamari was chewy. Desserts looked sucky and Sean didn't recommend them, so we just had a bit of ice cream.

The place was nicely appointed in a contemporary style. It was also really, really busy and a bit hard to navigate. Sushi was being taken almost as soon as it was assembled (but there was always enough). One of Sean's favorite dishes, tempura shrimp, didn't show up. Drink glasses were tiny - even for water. Don't they know that they're supposed to try to fill you up with liquids?

Overall a fun, cheap occasional experience. Might be fun to try the dinner sometime.

280 West Beaver Creek Rd, 1-12
Richmond Hill, ON

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May 09, 2007


Ok, totally not keeping up with the journaling. Once I fall behind, it's hard to start up again until I've totally forgotten anything interesting (well, as interesting as things get around here...)

I went to a conference in Cornwall held at Nav Canada in Cornwall. The facilities were really nice, if a bit old. The actual conference was informative, if boring at times. Took the train for the first time. And I gained 5lbs in 4 days. Sigh. More details below.

The train ride on Via1 was pretty cool. It took about 4 hours each way. It was really comfortable - we reserved a table for 4 and played cards. Oh, and my fellow travellers spent a lot of time ogling a cute girl on the way back (2 Seans, Dom and Sandy).

The train food was mediocre. On the way there the appetizer was a yummy wine-poached pear with brie cheese. The main course was a HORRIBLE "General Tao's Chicken" - stringy and overly brined. The dessert was a profiterole bar with cream and chocolate. On the way back, pate and jelly on melba toast was the app. A dry pork chop in lots of gravy and pureed turnip was the main (ew) and the dessert was an awesome custard-caramel-flan.

NavCan was pretty neat. Apparently pilots spend months there training. There were a lot of facilities for fun, which was good because I didn't bring a laptop (they said not all rooms had internet - but of course mine ended up having internet). Sean and I were about equal at table tennis (embarassing, but I blame the crappy rackets with no rubber!) We swam in a pretty big pool - spring board and water slide. Sean somehow managed to put on my bathing trunks so I used his. Senile! And pool tables, which I totally suck at. There was also a really nice trail along the lake and the weather was wonderful. Late nights were spent playing poker and euchre.

I ate for 4 days straight. Snacked on the way to the train. Ate on the train. Got to Cornwall and had a prime rib buffet (mm) at NavCan. NavCan catered the rest of the meals - meaning there was lots of food, but it was mediocre. To be sure of getting something to eat, I'd take the main course and 3 slices of pizza in case the meal sucked. Usually I'd end up eating both. And of course every meal had dessert (cake and cookies). In between meals, the conference halls were stocked with snacks, so we'd eat those too! I can't imagine staying there for months - the food was fine for a bit, but nothing like good restaurant food or home cooking.

On the charter bus back to the train station, the transmission gave out and we almost missed our train ride back to Toronto. The picture is us waiting at a city bus stop! The charter company called Via Rail and got them to slow down so that we could catch the train.

All in all, fun but exhausting! Glad to be back.

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May 13, 2007


On the weekend I planted a herb garden. It was waaay too much work and took about a day to dig up the sod and dirt, and then mix in 5 bags of soil into the hole. The soil cost about $9 and the plants cost about $20. So I'd better get over $30 of herbs back out of this!! Some of the herbs (excluding the basil, I think) are perennials, so we'll see what comes up next year.

Below is a list of what was planted.

A. Basil (Italian?)
B. Different kind of Basil (lettuce?)
C. Garlic Chives
D. Sage
E. Uh, ok... double letter on the basil
F. Flat leaf Italian Parsley
G. Tarragon
H. 2 kinds of Thyme

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May 31, 2007


I'm a compulsive budget keeper. Every month, with the aid of spreadsheets and money programs, I calculate what categories I spent every dime on vs. what I had allocated on them. It's kinda fun, actually, and doesn't take too long. My earnings are pretty easy to predict and steady (though lately they were good with the acting manager position). Spending, less predictable.

But not this month! This month, I spent within 20 dollars of my expected expenses! If I lump the garden money into the Fun budget, then I did not miss any category by over $20! (Food/Utilities slightly under, Fun slightly over) Woot!

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