January 05, 2007

15 Minute Meal: Shrimp Pasta Alfredo

This is an instant meal that's very fast to make! I don't have a pic, because I ate it all :( Use real parmesan here, it's the main flavoring. Expensive, but worth it. If you MUST use cheaper stuff, use more.

Cook pasta according to directions, but undercook it by 3 minutes.

While the pasta boils, make the sauce.
1 C half-and-half cream
1 C finely grated parmegianno reggiano (use a microplane rasp)
salt and pepper
optional but traditional: nutmeg, pinch
optional: 10 or so shrimp, peeled
optional: crushed garlic

If you have time, you can heat the shrimp shells in the cream and then strain them out for more flavor.
Heat the cream till very hot, but not boiling
Gradually stir in the grated cheese
Grate in some nutmeg (again with the rasp)
Add shrimp about 4 minutes before ready to cook
Salt and pepper to taste

Take the hot, drained, undercooked pasta and pour the sauce over it, stirring over low heat. The idea here is that the undercooked pasta will finish cooking in the sauce and suck up some flavor and thicken the sauce. So no need for thickeners! If you want it slightly thicker, you can let it stand off heat for a few more minutes.

It just doesn't get much easier than this!
You can keep leftover sauce and toss it with fresh pasta, reheating in the pasta pot.
Leftover pasta isn't very nice... just toss that.

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January 09, 2007

Veal Braise

This is very easy, but takes a long time to cook. The veal, however, is fall-off-the-bone tender. It's a simplified version of osso buco (recipe), but I used veal short ribs instead of shanks. I served it up over some boiled perogies and it was very yummy.

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January 14, 2007

Panfried Perogies

I got a new non-stick pan - it's from Paderno's Catering Line. It's thick cast aluminum with Dupont's Platinum Teflon coating (Dupont makes different grades of its nonstick coating). I got it at a factory sale for $25 - a good deal when it retails for almost $100. Aluminum is a great conductor, unlike stainless steel, so you get nice even heat - but it's reactive, so you don't really want to cook in it. With the non-stick coating, though, it's great - both light and even heat. It has a long stainless steel handle riveted to the pan with a removable silicone grip. It's great for jobs like this where the pan fried items would ordinarily stick to the pan - bacon and boiled perogies, along with green onions, garlic, onions and tomato.

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My Stupid Foot

Argh! The gout has flared up again. It's definitely triggered by impact and this one was definitely Anthony's fault!! (Heh, Anthony, if you're reading this...) I was doing an acting assignment at work as Team Leader (a quasi management role) and Anthony phoned me as I was climbing stairs. I tried to answer the phone while continuing up the stairs, tripped, went flying and banged my toe. So yeah, I blame Anthony! Heh.

Needless to say, it's been getting worse - on Wednesday, Dom kindly drove me home as I couldn't walk, I took Thursday off. I went in on Friday but now it's hurting really bad and I can't get my shoe on. My right foot is visibly higher than my left foot with swelling.

Sucks, I say!

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January 20, 2007


The family that share my semi-detached home are really nice. The husband, Mike, has been shovelling the shared driveway so I'm feeling a bit bad (though a couple of times I've managed to get the snowplow stuff thrown up at the bottom of the driveway). It's even worse, because they park in the driveway, so there's not a lot to shovel. Meanwhile, my driveway is empty so the whole thing is covered with snow.

However, with my foot the way it is, I'm very grateful not to have had to shovel the load of snow that fell yesterday.

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