August 06, 2006

Good Things

Well, the foot's finally starting to shrink.

I start an interesting temporary job assignment on Tuesday,

Tuesday, because Monday is a holiday.

My new Dell flat panel monitor is awesome and has no stuck pixels.

The Slingbox works pretty well too.

Small things, but good things.

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NotSoGood: West Indian Dumplings

So my father is making dumpling soup, which means he's all stressed out in the kitchen.

West Indian dumplings are an experience for the uninitiated. They contain no leavening AT ALL. It's just flour, oil, and milk. The result, as Pat discovered with her Bajian boyfriend, is a dense chewy lump of dough that tastes uncooked. If they're small enough, they'll absorb some liquid and not be so bad. I usually try to shape them kind of like noodles for this reason. My father, however, likes to shape them into huge patties. So they're usually dry, dense and hard at the core. Yummy, huh?

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August 07, 2006

Da Crazy

Hoo boy. Where to start?

Grandma, Father, and an elderly woman who's apparently a nun named Victoria just finished a surreal conversation/argument that covered a wide range of topics from feminism (back to the stone age!), gays (somewhat enlightened and yet totally crazy and somehow tied into the next topic...), reincarnation, religion and psychics (the Church says no, but in the face of overwhelming... uh, anecdotal evidence... sure!). I just stayed very very quiet and kept the soup bowls and cups filled.

Is it comforting or disturbing that the nun is downstairs refusing to sleep and praying instead?

Oh. And they all loved the dumplings. That's even stranger.

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August 19, 2006

Tesing WritelyGoogle now has

Tesing Writely

Google now has a new service called Writely, which can supposedly publish to a variety of blog apis.

Let's see if this works!

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August 20, 2006

New Sod

So there's sod now. I think this is probably the first picture of the finished house that I've posted. The last one had 2x4s instead of columns. The driveway is paved, and they're still supposed to come paint the doors and columns. Lotsa watering required, though thankfully it's not too hot right now. We'll see what the water bill comes to this month!

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August 21, 2006

Meddling of Parents

Soooo... my father today decided that my new sod needed mowing. Right down to the roots in some places. For some reason, though they thought to ask if they could water it (which I gratefully accepted); asking before mowing wasn't necessary. Apparently, raising the lawnmower from the lowest position wasn't necessary either. Sigh.

Anyway... I may be incommunicado for a while, as I arrange transfer of the Internet connection to the new place.

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August 24, 2006

Fun Day

Had a great day today (it doesn't take much, but it's always nice)!

Got a retroactive pay cheque, so yay for a bit of spending money.

Saw Jackie and Sean's son Brandon, who is sooo cute and sooo shy. He expresses his shyness by mauling Mom and Dad. And Jackie relayed later that he asked about me. Hee. Brandon wasn't even crawling the last time I saw him and now he's almost two and talking and running.

Ended the day at Dave & Buster's for Cathy's retirement party. We all had a great time playing skeeball, virtua-bowling and super trivia.

Everything I ate today was deep fried. Sean and I split chicken wings and calamari for lunch and I had coconut shrimp and fries for dinner. Any more fun like that will probably kill me.

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August 25, 2006

Signing off...

Well, hopefully the next time I post, this computer will be at the new house.


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