October 03, 2005

Because I'm Psychic

OK, someone explain this to me, please.

My father went to my sister's house. He told my mother that she was going to drive him back. Despite the fact that NO-ONE contacted us further, my father and sister somehow expected me to pick him up from her house.

I kid you not. Read on.

At 7:30am, my sister sent me an email saying I might have to pick Dad up in the evening.

At 7:30pm, I replied saying that I hadn't heard anything yet. Mom tells me that sister was driving Dad back.

At 9:30pm, Mom receives a call asking where I am. Apparently, according to my sister and father, I was supposed to mystically divine that Dad wanted to be picked up from her house and I am at fault for not doing so.

The kicker? My sister actually RECEIVED my email at 7:30pm. Apparently, her fucked up email client doesn't display the first line of text until she hits reply. So she thought she received a blank, SIGNED email (I signed the second line) and somehow interpreted this email to be saying "Jason's spontaneously on his way to pick you up even though no one asked him to come!"

According to my father, this happened because:

A) I assume too much (whuh? I "assumed" that if someone wanted a ride they'd, you know, INFORM ME? Maybe even a subtle hint?)

B) I don't communicate well (Am I supposed to spontaneously call every hour to ask if they want a ride?)

C) I don't care enough (Because that would TOTALLY boost my psychic abilities!)

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October 09, 2005

Birthday Cake

This was my birthday cake! Mom made the cake and I took care of the icing (she was having fun outside, and I was stuck in the kitchen anyway taking care of the thanksgiving dinner). We ran out of butter, so the cake is triple iced! The filling is blueberry whipped cream and the outside is covered with a thin layer of chocolate buttercream. The final layer of icing is a coffee flavored whipped cream.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

This was thanksgiving dinner. Going clockwise from the turkey... Cranberry sauce, roasted cauliflower, grilled portobello mushrooms, steamed brocolli, rice and stuffing with cremini mushroom gravy. It was all really yummy.

Of course, after dinner, Father and sister got into a big argument about the usual. So that kinda sucked especially while trying to eat cake...

Lisa left without taking any food home, so the fridge is really full with leftovers.

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October 12, 2005

Final Decor and Upgrades

Well, just got back from selecting the final upgrades and colors from the decor centre. I got talked out of the terracotta and the blue tile - so it's a whooole lotta neutral. From left to right... kitchen, powder room, main bath, ensuite bath.

The consultant, Laurie, was very helpful. She was also very subtle about giving advice - she avoided saying pink when describing the powderroom tile (it just has a hint) because I had rejected several other tiles for other rooms with pink in them. And she not-so-subtley suggested a blue shower curtain instead of the tile.

Laurie was also helpful in suggesting upgrades. She recommended cabinets for the dishwasher (since I won't be getting a dishwasher) and a plug on the garage ceiling for a garage door opener (since the ceiling will be drywalled). The other upgrades were:
-cabinets (kitchen and 2 bathrooms)
-roughed in central vac
-ledgeback sink
-angled corner upper cabinet
-pots and pans drawers
-one halogen pot light for above the piano
-one extra cable tv outlet

I got out for cheaper than I thought I would: just under $150 (after the amount that I was given on signing for upgrades).

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October 29, 2005

I See Dead People

Body Worlds 2 is being displayed at the Ontario Science Centre from until February 2006. I went today with some friends and we had a great time. It was graphic and engrossing. Highlights were longitudinally sliced cadavers and artfully plastinated poses designed to reveal every detail of their internal anatomy.

The venue was very crowded. We attended Saturday at 2pm. A weekday session might have been more restful. However, we weren't rushed through the exhibit at all and had ample time to see everything.

Certainly some pieces were more instructional than others. Some pieces were simply artfully posed (such as a figure skating pair and other sports poses) while others were very impressive and educational - such as a figure that had been exploded and suspended by poly threads, organs displaying various pathologies and a pregnant woman with fetuses in various stages of development.

I'm waiting to see if I get permission for some press photos to post here.

Of course, what else was there to do after seeing corpses but eat? And eat and eat and eat! We went to The Mandarin after for an all you can eat bonanza. I ate myself almost literally sick. It's pretty pathetic, it happens every time.

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