March 02, 2005


Ran a training session in VB Scripting for the techs in 2 other geographic teams. Maybe the curriculum was a bit too ambitious - I doubled it over last times and gave it over the same period of time (2 hours). With the last group, as an experiment, I let them do the exercise entirely on their own - and the level of comprehension was not what I hoped.

Still, they did very well considering the subjects covered: basic syntax, objects, subroutines and design - all in 2 hours!

I gave the same session 3 times and had to wake up REALLY early to get down there on time. I would've gone the night before, but the hotels were all booked.

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March 03, 2005

Strawberries Part 1

Weston Produce had strawberries on sale today - $2.50 per pound. So I bought 2 lbs. and brought them home. They weren't the freshest, so the first thing that I did was wash them all and place them on a mat so they weren't touching each other. The ones that weren't in perfect condition got sliced and mixed with about a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and sugar. Delicious!

Adding balsamic vinegar to strawberries really brings out the flavor and lends a sophisticated edge to them. Try it sometime!

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March 04, 2005

Strawberries Part 2

Rasberry jam glazed strawberries topping a ramekin of vanilla pastry cream. The pastry cream was an ordeal - and it didn't turn out perfectly. I should probably measure when I make it instead of dumping stuff into the pot. First it was too thin, but really delicious! I thickened it, but the flavor suffered.

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March 05, 2005

Strawberries Part 3

Here's the finale - chocolate covered strawberries with ice cream on a warm chocolate chip cookie! The chocolate lattice was made by drizzling chocolate onto parchment paper. Isn't it pretty?

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March 07, 2005

Oven-Fried Chicken

This is the oven fried chicken from this recipe. There were a couple of changes to the recipe. I didn't have any eggs, so Lisa suggested I substitute mayo. It worked, and though the crust was slightly different, it was delicious! You'd never guess these were baked instead of fried. Though, with mayo, they probably have almost as much fat as deep fried chicken! I served them with oven roasted potato fries, seasoned with curry powder and baked with them. Very yummy.

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March 11, 2005

Curry at Daves

Went kitchen stuff shopping with Dave B. Got him a proper knife and a microplane grater among other things. I escaped relatively unscathed, spending wise.

We then went grocery shopping and picked up the stuff to make a delicious lamb curry. While shopping, I started juggling some lemons. Yeesh, you'd think I had knocked over merchandise given the shade of red he turned! I didn't even drop any! I distinctly heard him muttering "I can't take you anywhere" behind me.

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March 17, 2005


Hmm, came home today to a post office not on the door saying that I have a package to pick up. It says to pick it up tomorrow but I'm curious as to what it is... wonder if they have it yet.

OTOH, it says amt. due = $25! so maybe I don't wanna know.

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March 18, 2005


Sheesh, went to the parents house at 9.30 pm after swimming, intending to cook there. The kitchen was a total mess and all the pots were dirty and piled on the stove, so I couldn't really cook there and I was really hungry/tired - I hadn't really had time for dinner before swimming. Lisa's been there most of the week (March Break) and apparently hasn't had time to wash any dishes.

She was busy internet chatting, so I'm probably better off here anyway - there's NOTHING to do at the parent's house. I ate a bunch of chips there that I shouldn't have (I almost never eat potato chips) before realizing that I'd be better off cooking at home.

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March 19, 2005

Meat Thermometer

Well, the package turned out to be a meat thermometer from Thermoworks that I didn't think I'd ordered from the States. I had went to their website a while ago and tried to purchase one, but when I hit Send the order didn't go through - or that's what it said.

I'd since decided to avoid the expense. However, apparently the order did go through (I didn't get any confirmation email or anything!) So that was the mystery package that got delivered Thursday.

I'm not terribly upset, because I DID really want this Thermometer after seeing it being used on America's Test Kitchen - it looks like it'll replace my meat and candy thermometer with it's huge range. I'll update later once I've used it.

I just hope I don't get 2! Using the 800-number might be better if you're thinking of ordering one.

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Shark Vacuum

Went to Sean's place on Friday for a short while to help with some drywall. He and Jackie gave me a Shark handheld vaccum that they weren't using anymore. It looks really neat. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten a chance to use it as I just vacuumed a couple of days ago. BUt it gives me something to look forward to. (And also, my sister has borrowed the vac I got from Dom for a week, so I'll probably need it!)

Thanks guys!

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Strawberry Cream Cheese

I picked up some lovely ripe strawberries today. I wasn't too happy with the glaze that I tried to make last time, so I figured I'd make my own. It's a simple syrup cooked using my new Thermopen. It's about 1.5 cups of sugar and 1/2 cup of water, boiled without stirring until 230 degrees F.

I put ths strawberries on cream cheese slathered bread and glazed it with the syrup that had almost cooled. It was SO good. The rest of the strawberries have been glazed for dessert later.

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Services In

The services appear to be in, and the streets that were dug out the last time I visited have been filled in. It was warm today, so the site was VERY muddy. Hopefully the next step will be to dig the foundations.

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March 20, 2005


Dave and I went to play shuffleboard today. I totally wiped him :) - 4 games to 1. It wasn't so much my skill as his screwups. After that we went to his place, where we ate the prime rib that we stuck in the oven before we left. It was nice and succulent!

We also watched Shaun of the Dead, which was really hilarious.

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March 24, 2005

Parents Back

I just came back from the airport where I picked up the parents. Hopefully I didn't get a ticket in the process - I was stopped in a no-stopping zone and a police vehicle pulled up behind me!

They were delayed by customs for about an hour, so I had to find SOMEWHERE to wait.

I cooked them enough food to last for a couple of days so that they don't have to cook right away.

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March 29, 2005

Easter Feaster

Spent most of the Easter holiday weekend with my parents. We did the usual eating thing. Turkey and stuffing dinner on Sunday/prime rib on Monday... mostly just eating and eating.

Mom and Dad both had lots of stories to tell about their time in Trinidad and Tobago. It sounds like they enjoyed themselves but conditions sounded very primitive

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March 30, 2005

IT Meeting Scarborough

Attended an IT meeting in Scarborough that spanned 2 days. Stayed in the new Scarborough Best Western hotel, which was really nice. The rooms had a microwave and an empty open fridge. We spent most of the night in Gavin's room playing caps.

Unlike some others (heh), I didn't get totally wasted drinking or anything - probably because they took pity on me since they know I don't drink. Had a lot of fun, but only felt mildly intoxicated.

Spent the night before that at Sean's place so that I could get a ride with him in the morning to Scarborough. Jackie cooked a prime rib dinner (with some very yummy asparagus) and we turned in fairly early - they have a cute 7 month old baby boy, Brandon. They claim he fusses a lot, but he slept well that night!

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March 31, 2005


"Please do not smoke within 9 meters of the entrance." This afternoon, a truck bumped into one of the pillars of our canopied front entrance and both the pillar and the huge canopy came crashing down. We had to close the office to the public for the rest of the day. Most of the staff went home, but I actually had to work late to get something done ahead of deadline. More pictures follow.

Thankfully, no one was standing under it when it fell. It made a huge sound that alerted everyone in the office that something had happened. Hilariously, the truck parked outside had a bunch of bricks on its roof.
I briefly considered photoshopping an arm sticking out for April Fool's Day, but I'm too lazy. By the time I went home (around 7pm) a crane had arrived to haul the canopy away. They also knocked down the second pillar.

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