November 01, 2004

Getting Fit?

If only I can control my appetite!

I've done more swimming lately - Friday to today, I've swam every day! Of course, I've been eating more too. Oh well. I've got to stick to my "no snacks in the house rule - that's been going by the wayside lately.

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Recipe: Herbed Salmon

No snacks in the house - I'll still be eating. This is actually my SECOND snack of the night. The first one was a substantial snack of roasted potatoes and squash! I'm wishing now that I had frozen less of the salmon. I'm all out of unfrozen salmon. This is a 8 minute dish - recipe follows.

Herb-Encrusted Salmon Filet
Salmon filets (3/4 inch or thinner, preferably)
Dried herbs (Thyme, oregano)
Freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil

Place the salmon filets skin down and flesh up. They should be not more than 3/4" thick, unless you want to finish them in the oven.

Season the flesh generously with dried herbs, salt and black pepper. The herbs should be robust ones - I used oregano and thyme. Dill would also be good.

Heat a skillet to medium high heat and put olive oil in it (enough to lightly coat the pan when tilted). You'll notice that the oil thins and swirls easily when it is hot enough. You can save some time by heating it as you season the fish.

Place salmon flesh side down in the the oil. It should sizzle nicely. Cook for a few minutes, until you can see from the sides that it's cooked about 1/3 of the way up.

Season the top (skin side) of the salmon with salt and pepper while it's in the pan.

Using tongs or a spatula and fork, gently flip the salmon and finish cooking (another 4-5 minutes). You can cook it longer because the skin will protect the flesh on this side from drying out.

If your filets were very thick (like an inch) then place it in a 350 degree F oven until cooked (test with a fork).

Do not overcook! The flesh should just barely flake and still be moist and tender. Opt to undercook rather than overcook this - you can microwave it if necessary. You can also just let the cooked salmon sit on the counter for a few minutes- the heat will continue to cook the flesh.

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November 02, 2004

Freezer Burned

This is why I have to call a grocery moratorium. In no particular order: Sausage, chicken thighs, scallops, bacon, beef short ribs, t-bone steak, blade steak, salmon filets, turkey thigh, leeks, cauliflower, bread crumbs, seafood curry, split pea soup, french bread, egg bread, celery, carrots.

And that doesn't count the door, which has: unsalted butter, more scallops, shrimp, pancetta, whole salmon, ginger, cheese, salmon bits, coconut milk, herbs.

I'm sure I missed some stuff, too.

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Restaurant: Tandoori House

Today I went down to RHQ at Sheppard and Yonge to meet with some fellow techs. For lunch we went to Tandoori House, an Indian buffet a few doors south. It was very good and relatively cheap - $10 + tax and tip.

Wait staff were a bit slow today, but I'm assured that it's usually better by my co-workers, who are regulars. In the buffet were fresh naan (tandoor cooked flatbread), butter chicken, chicken tikka masala and, of course, tandoori chicken.

Well worth the price. Of course, I stuffed myself and ate a tiny dinner tonight - just an Oktoberfest sausage.

Tandoori House
4862 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M2N 5N2

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Election Day

Bleah, I can't watch. I'm going to bed.

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November 03, 2004

Fixed My iPod!! YAY!

I'm sooooo happy!

I *think* I fixed my iPod!!

I put it into Firewire HDD mode, and it seemed ok. Mapped it with WinXP to I: and then reformatted it. Now iTunes is reporting the correct size and my manual upload of one song seemed to work perfectly!

Fingers crossed! I'm wondering if I should update the firmware or just leave well enough alone.

In other news - all this looking at the monitor is worsening a headache that I've had since this morning. Ugh. Ugh, but yay!

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iPod Thoughts

Phew! I was so lost without my iPod. I missed it constantly because I use the bus and walk a lot (don't have a car) and listen to it whenever I'm waiting/walking.

I can't really afford to replace it either, as I'm going to have to buy appliances for the new house. There's no way I can spend more than a clothes dryer on a music player.

I was considering a flash based MP3 player, but hadn't quite gotten over the loss of the iPod and the ability to spontaneously decide what I wanted to listen to. Is it petty of me to be so relieved that my iPod is working that I don't feel as depressed about the results of the American election?

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Lunchtime pasta

This was lunch today, the remainder of some sauce that was cooked Sunday (I think). It was quite yummy. When cooking pasta with sauce before you put the pasta on the plate you can toss the pasta with a bit of the sauce and then top it off with sauce on the plate. This way, the pasta itself will absorb some of the flavor as it "sets" after cooking.

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Mussels w Black Bean Sauce

This is what I made with half of the mussels. I steamed all of the mussels so that they wouldn't spoil (die) in the fridge. I made sure not to overcook the thai rice noodles this time - three minutes flat and rinced after to stop cooking. The sauce is flavored with all my "asian" flavorings - sesame seed oil, ginger, garlic and onions and, finally, black bean sauce. Chili powder was added as a spice. I had 2 big plates of this, and there's enough there for tomorrow as well.

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Ok. One short rant to get it out of my system and that's it.

There's a palpable layer of bitterness under the humor on the Daily Show. To paraphrase: "Iraq, the economy - all of it paled before the fear of two dudes kissing."

Well, I really hope that women realize that they've likely voted to overturn Roe. vs. Wade. Because with the inevitability of Supreme Court appointments in the near future, it's gone.

I'm irritated that for all the American's touted individualism, they seek to force others to conform to their views. Don't like gay sex? Don't have it. Disagree with abortion? Don't have one! Is it really that hard?

Seriously, America just voted for ignorance, deception and intolerance. Enjoy it.

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November 04, 2004

Pan Custard and Sauce

Yeah, I don't know what this is. I wanted a dessert, but I really don't have all the stuff for a dessert. So I made this pan custard - eggs, cream and sugar gently cooked on the stovetop. It was ok. I'll only use 2 eggs next time, it was a bit thick. Far better was the sauce, made out of homemade blueberry jam and orange juice puree. It looked better before I added the cream to it, so that's a lesson for next time. You can kind of see that 1/2 of it is a paler purple and half is the rich jewel tone.

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THis is for tomorrow -- today I had leftover noodles. I had reserved the mussel juice from yesterday's dish and about 1/2 the mussels. So I added leeks and a bit of cream, along with some salmon, shrimp and scallops from the freezer to make this chowder. It tastes really good. (I just had a tiny taste.)

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November 05, 2004


Whoosh. It was an eventful night.

Went to play shuffleboard with Dave - beat him again, but not nearly so dramatically... 4 games vs 3 games. So that was fun.

But then when we got out of Dave and Buster's we found his rear car door window smashed and his laptop stolen :( Kind of a major deal, because he does a lot of his business on the laptop. So that sucked.

We drove to his parents' house and borrowed their car - a really nice Jaguar. It had this neat windshield that diffracted the light so that oncoming headlights couldn't blind you. The glare was instead diffused gently in a fine grid pattern. Really cool.

After looking at some laptops we got dinner at ... uh... I don't remember. Al Gonquin's? Something like that. Can't remember - the food was fine, but unmemorable. I had some ribs, veggies and a baked potato. I treated, since it had been such a rotten night for him.

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November 06, 2004

Ow, Cramps

Just woke up. When I tossed myself at my alarm clock, though, my right calf spasmed right into a totally debilitating cramp. I was curled over whimpering.

It didn't last for long - I sort of wrung it out by twisting at my heel and knee - but it was SO painful! I was thinking that I shouldn't swim today but I didn't swim yesterday. So I guess I'll try. That's what lifeguards are for, right?

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Stupid Loblaws

Went to Loblaws because they were having a shrimp special that was really good. It's the first day of the sale and they're already sold out!

Oh well, it wasn't a total loss because I picked up some cheap veggies that'll last me the week for $2 and some change for my laundry. Plus, I've got a couple of bags of shrimp in the freezer already - but these were fresh!

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Swimming and Shopping

I wasn't going to go swimming, but it was a really nice day today.

My leg is a bit sore, but it didn't cramp up.

After swimming I went and checked out the house lot - nothing happening there except mud. My shoes are a mess! Went to the mall and got some spices and brown sugar and finally the convenience store for some milk. Too bad I don't have any apples to bake.

I'm about to start my prime rib dinner!

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Poofy Yorkshires

Whoa! The Yorkshire puddings really puffed this time - they came right out of the pan! Another tip about making puffed yorkshires is to use a non-stick pan. Just make sure that it's a metallic non-stick that's capable of handling high heat. The teflon non-stick muffin sheets can't handle the high (450 degree F) heat and will break down into potentially nasty compounds.

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Recipe: Slow Roasted Prime Rib

This is a better way of making prime rib. Instead of being cooked at a moderate heat (350F) you cook it at a low heat (245F) for a longer period. The lower heat allows you to get a roast that's medium rare all the way through, rather than well done on the outside and rare on the inside. Instructions follow.

Cut the bone of the rib roast and reserve it for beef stock.

Retie the roast back together again so that it won't fall apart (you might have to combine the twine to make longer pieces if you're using the same twine that the roast came with).

Season the roast all around with salt and black pepper.

Heat a very thin (wiped on, really) layer of vegetable/safflower/peanut oil in a fry pan and heat until very hot. Brown the roast on all sides. (Place the roast in the pan on one side at a time, and don't move it around for a couple minutes - it'll release itself after a bit.) Use this pan to cook the sauce in after, it'll have good brown bits.

Put the roast on a rack in the oven (over a pan!) at 245F until an internal temperature of 150F is reached.

Cover the roast loosely with aluminum foil and let it rest for 15 minutes at least before cutting. This will give the juices a chance to redistribute themselves into the flesh.

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November 07, 2004

Mmm... Roast Beef

This is definitely the best roast beef that I've made! It actually tastes as good as the prime rib that you can buy from The Keg! Slow roasting is definitely the way to go.

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November 08, 2004

Stupid iPod Tricks

So now that I have my iPod back, I've been teaching it some new tricks! After flashing the ROM, I uploaded all my contacts. Then I formatted the bus schedules that I use most often. It already came in handy today when I stayed a bit late at the pool.

Finally, I made some playlists. A list of "singles" is probably a good representation of the albums on my iPod.

See it by clicking below

Tori Amos
In the End
Linkin Park
Favorite Worst Enemy
Treble Charger
Friday I'm In Love
She Sells Sanctuary
The Cult
Mr. Jones
Counting Crows
Lovers in a Dangerous Time Album
Barenaked Ladies
Tori Amos
Counting Crows
Everyday Is Like Sunday
High and Dry
Why Does It Always Rain on Me?
Take Me Away
Favorite Worst Enemy
Treble Charger
100 Years
Five for Fighting
Not the Same
Ben Folds
Somebody Told Me
Fall To Pieces
Velvet Revolver
Brand New Low
Treble Charger
30 Seconds to Mars - 02 - Edge of the earth
30 Seconds to Mars
Matchbox Twenty
Matchbox Twenty
We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful
April Fools
Rufus Wainwright
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Tori Amos
Certain People I Know
A Sorta Fairytale
Tori Amos
World On Fire
Sarah McLachlan
Love Will Come Through
Song for a Winter's Night
Sarah McLachlan
1,000 Oceans
Tori Amos
Happy To Hang Around
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Sarah McLachlan

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Meeting at the Pool

Saw Terry at the pool. She says her husband Chris and daughter Melissa are doing well, and they're living not far from me on Magnolia off Davis. She's about 5 months pregnant (what IS it with everyone having babies now?). She offered me rides to the pool, but I go a bit earlier than she does. It was nice of her to offer, though.

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Dessert Consideration

I am considering creating a dessert.

I have 1 banana, brown sugar, butter and blueberry-orange sauce.
I also have cinnamon and nutmeg.
I'll boil the brown sugar, add the butter and simmer the bananas in it.
Then I'll pour the sauce over it in a pattern.

The only problem is that I've been eating a lot of chocolate today... but when has that ever stopped me? Maybe I'll try holding off until tomorrow.

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November 09, 2004


Roast beef is such a dangerous thing for me to have in the fridge... I just went snacking and only managed to leave a TINY piece there for tomorrow's lunch.

I'm planning on getting some more, though :) It's expensive, comparatively speaking, but a $10 roast lasted me 4 meals, so that's not too bad. I might get a bigger one this time!

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November 10, 2004

Creative Licensing

The book that I'm currently reading from the library (a junky - but always readable - Mercedes Lackey fantasy) includes a CD. From the back cover:

Inside you will find a CD ROM that contains over 40 full-length novels, with no encryptions or other schemes to make you feel dumb and incompetent. You can just click on a title and read it or print it out. But be very wary. The publisher did not provide this out of the goodness of his heart, if he even has a heart.

Free books!! Or you could just download them online! Legally! Read on...


He figures you will start reading many of the genuinely first-rate novels provided herein, and discover that you really don't want to continue reading on a computer screen ... since the accompanying artwork is very memorable and can be found on the cover of the associated novel, he thinks it is likely that you will notice it the next time you see it in a bookstore -- and that you will buy the book! Could there be a more dastardly and nefarious scheme for increasing profits? Just remember: You have been warned.

On the actual CD it says: This disk and its contents may be copied and shared, but not sold.

So yeah, interesting. I suppose by putting it in a book that someone presumably bought it's targetting people who buy books. Even though I tend to borrow my books in a library, so that's probably where I'd get any books I liked, too. (Though I've been known to collect ones that I really like.)

Then again, they already GOT all my money. What drove me back to the library was my accounting software informing me that I had spent over $300 on books in a single month. (It's not really all that hard to do - it averages out to 12 books or so.)

I know Mercedes Lackey and this particular publisher (Baen) have been very supportive of this, and you can find more books online along with their savvy (but rather gimmicky worded - you'd expect more finesse from writers...) rationale for doing so at the Baen Free Library.

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Remember this?

Yeah, well, since then my father hasn't spoken with me, except to relay orders via an intermediary. That's exactly what he complains that his mother does to him - which isn't surprising, I suppose. We're all more like our parents than we'd like to admit.

So today, my mother calls me at work to tell me that he wants the phone and internet service to their house cancelled today. They're fully authorized to do it themselves, they just don't want to.

The cable modem needs to be returned to Rogers by Saturday, and since they don't know what the cable modem is, they wanted to get me to come get it. However, they wouldn't give me a date or time, both of them started yelling at me over the phone (which is now cancelled). Father accused me of wanting everything on my schedule at which point I told my father that he was being an asshole. Rude, but he was - I wasn't demanding he meet my schedule, I was demanding that he give me his. He hung up on me. Again.

Whatever. I'm utterly sick of dealing with them.

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November 13, 2004

Canada in Comics

Ok, so I'm going through the first issues of Alpha Flight (Canada's equivalent to the X-Men) and the references to Canada (circa 1983) are HILARIOUS. Apparently, Trudeau just dissolved Alpha Team (one of the heroes: I didn't vote for him!) and they're exploring the origins of one of their team - an amphibious girl.

"It began 18 years ago, off the grand banks of Newfoundland... ... In a closed, frequently inbred community like that tiny island, freaks and sports are not uncommon. The locals accepted her."

Bwah! Apologies to any Newfies out there!

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NFS Support

See, this is why I like Nearly Free Speech. This is an example of their moderated forum support. Problem submitted and resolved within a 5 minutes.


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Recipe: Caramel Apples

I made caramel apple tarts with caramel apple sauce. The tart was good, but I'm not the greatest with pastry and they were a lot of work. I don't have any supplies for pastry - I was almost out of flour and I had to use my spaghetti canister as a rolling pin.

The caramel sauce, however, was really good, and quite easy to make!
The recipe follows...

Caramel Apples

2/3 cups sugar
2 tablespoons of water
1/2 cup of heavy cream
Vanilla extract (optional - I didn't have it today)
6 medium sized Gala apples (optional, if you just want sauce)

Put the sugar in a heavy sauce pan.

Add the water.

Cover the pot and cook over medium-high heat until the sugar has melted and it's boiling. Do not stir. The condensation from the lid should wash down any sugar crystals on the side of the pot.

After it boils, take the cover off and reduce heat to medium.

Cook until just past straw colored (or a bit more if you want a very strongly flavored caramel sauce).

Remove from heat and stir in the cream and vanilla, adding it slowly. It'll hiss at you - use some care.

Return to the medium heat and boil until reduced by 1/2. Allow to cool until thick and gooey and not too hot.

Stir in sliced apples, if desired. (Gala apples work really well, they hold their shape when they soften). You can season the apples with cinnamon first, if you like. Cook until the apples are the desired tenderness.

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November 14, 2004

Skype - free VOIP

Installed and tested Skype, a VOIP client for computer to computer calling. Tested it with my sister in Alliston and it worked really really well. Alliston is long-distance from here, and she doesn't have a phone anyway.

VOIP is free for computer to computer calls, and costs $3c/min for computer to telephone calls. I actually preferred it to talking on the phone - my headset is better than any handsfree/cheap phone headset. Pretty awesome. My sister was on a cheap headset and only has a 56k connection, but the sound quality was really good and there was no lag.

If anyone I know out there wants to try it out, leave a comment and I'll email you my username.

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November 17, 2004

Poor Puppy

Today I took an abbreviated walk around Main Street. I've been pretty good about taking long walks for exercise around Fairy Lake. Today it was dark and raining, though, so I cut it short.

On the way back home, a large black dog ran across the street right in front of a car. It was pretty horrible, the dog went flyiing and then hid under a nearby parked car. It whimpered for a bit and then stopped. I can't imagine that it lived, but I don't think it suffered too much.

The owner was not far behind. Ordinarily, I'd be angry with him for not leashing his pet, but he was very upset and already feeling bad enough.


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Cheap Pizza!

Domino's on Main Street is having a sale: medium 1 topping pizzas for $5 each. I picked one up on the way home - it was really good! Past tense - but I didn't eat all of it. I left 2 slices for tomorrows lunch. (Or possibly a midnight snack!)

If the sale is still on tomorrow, I'll pass by for another. It fits well within the budget. Besides which, there's something slightly morbid about enjoying food after witnessing a sad event. I was probably doing some comfort eating - the last slice was definitely stuffing.

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November 18, 2004

Caramelized Mushrooms

These were regular white mushrooms that were caramelized in butter and olive oil, and just seasoned with salt and pepper. They were very yummy. In fact, they filled the apartment with the lovely savory umami scent that kept me hungry even after I ate. They replaced my meat for dinner today - I didn't crave meat, but I would've liked some more mushrooms! I tried to get more cheap pizza, but the introductory sale price was over. Rats!

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November 19, 2004

The world is my

I had a coupon for $5 off seafood at Loblaws, so I went there and bought 6 oysters. I then had a mass murder in my kitchen as I killed them. I didn't have an oyster shucker, but I managed to pry them open with a butter knife, a steak knife and a hammer... it didn't take more than a minute per oyster, which is less trouble than I remember the last time I tried. I didn't have any lemon juice though, so I only ate one. The rest are in the fridge. I'll probably go back again tomorrow with another coupon!

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November 20, 2004

Seafood, Bowling, Eating

Used another $5 coupon to get free rainbow trout from Loblaws with my sister. Also picked up some deals at Price Chopper (1/2 price tea!). After that, I had a good swim (got all 3 swim days in this week - Mon/Fri/Sat).

Dave picked me up from the pool and we went to the new Vaughn Hills mall where we tried bowling at the Lucky Strike. It was the first time I've done 10 pin bowling and I won :) Both of us were pretty pathetic, though... it was a lucky spare and strike that put me over. I still don't understand the scoring, but the computer takes care of that.

After that we headed to the Mandarin chinese buffet where I totally pigged out on prime rib - it was nicely medium rare for once - ribs and lots of shrimp. 3 large plates and 2 plates of dessert later (mmm, waffles!) I was stuffed! I hadn't eaten all day. There's supposed to be some limit to how much fat the body can absorb in one sitting. I hope that was after the first plate of food!

The oysters I did yesterday bit back - I brushed the muck off them with my fingers and now the tips of my fingers have fine cuts in them. (Made bowling and typing difficult.)

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November 22, 2004

Trout and Potatos

Cooked up my free rainbow trout and roasted some of my 1/2 price potatoes with dill and cumin. I ate far too much potatoes - they initially caused me some problems because I chopped too many and they weren't roasting properly because the steam wasn't escaping the pan.

Solved that by cooking from above only - broiling them under the element - and stirring occasionally.

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November 24, 2004


More cheap seafood (went and used another coupon today)! I've been using the coupons to get things that I don't ordinarily get, like oysters and trout. I don't think that clams are that great, though, because they're expensive and most of their weight is shell - like little rocks. They basically taste like slightly better mussels - but mussels are so much cheaper. The clams came to about $11, so I got them for about half price. I tossed in some fresh herbs that I had frozen and canned tomatos. It tasted good, but a bit pricey. (There's enough food for tomorrow's lunch too, though.)

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November 26, 2004

New Pastry Method

Jennifer posted a very interesting link about scientifically making food. I agreed with some and disagreed with others, but what was VERY interesting was his way of distributing water in the flour of pastry.

Here's the quote:
Instead of using his fingers to rub globs of fat into flour, then dribbling in ice water, Mr. McGee starts with square chunks of cold butter and a pile of flour on a board. With a rolling pin he presses and rolls the butter into the flour, flattening it into thinner and thinner flakes. Occasionally he scrapes the mixture into a bowl and freezes it for five minutes, to keep the butter from melting. Since the gluten is not activated until the water is added, there is no worry about overworking the dough, even though the process can take some time.

Finally, to add the water Mr. McGee fetched a plant mister. "I always found it was hard to get the water evenly into the dough" he said. "So I measured how many sprays of the mister it takes to get half a cup of water it's 150, by the way and I use that to get uniform droplets." Now working quickly, he lightly squeezed the mister over the dough 50 times, then turned the dough and folded it. After two repetitions the dough just held together. He divided it into two round discs and returned it to the freezer.

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November 27, 2004

Restaurant: Seoul Garden

This is a Korean BBQ restaurant located in the Pacific Mall in Markham. We weren't in the mood to cook at the table (we were hungry!) so we ordered from the menu. The food was really tasty and relatively inexpensive ($20 including tax and tip). The usual appetizers were served before the meal - an assortment of sweet and pickled dishes. I ordered the BBQed pork and kimchee. It was very spicy - the tofu was a welcome palate soother. The pork had an appealing sweet taste. Portions were generous. With an extra bowl of rice this could easily have fed 2 or 3. I managed by not eating any rice and ignoring the soup.

Decor was impressive - the restaurant is arranged on a raised circular platform with a fountain in the center. Faux stonework and greenery along with a very high tower-like ceiling completed a very sophisticated look.

Staff were prompt and courteous. They were attentive in filling up the (complimentary) Korean tea and asking how the food was. We had to ask for the bill, which was a bit odd, since the tables were filling up. It was nice not to be rushed, though. Overall it was a very pleasant dining experience.

Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant
4350 Steeles E
Markham, ON L3R9V4
(905) 305-0699

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View From A Condo

Got into Dave's new condo this evening. He moves in on Friday. This is the view from his balcony on the 27th floor. I stitched it together in Photoshop from several photos. Didn't really have time to take a lot of pictures, though, and didn't spend too much time on it.

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November 30, 2004

Dinner with DaveK

Dave came over for dinner tonight. We took a quick walk for some exercise and then came back and cooked dinner. We made a nice pasta sauce of plum tomatoes, herbs and sausage. For dessert, baked apples with caramel sauce. Then we played X-Men: Legends for a while. It was fun!

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