October 01, 2004

Presidential Duh-bates

Or rather, Daily Show coverage of it.

High point was the skit about the parties attempts to lower expectations for their debate candidates

"The Bush team would like to remind everyone their man held his own against what they call 'the smartest man in the history of world'! An amazing accomplishment for the man whom, as the Bush team points out, is by some standardized test results technically retarded. Jon, as RNC chairman Ed Gillespie pointed out shortly before we went on air, this was a president who was nearly killed by a pretzel."

Pathetic interviewee point: Rudy Guiliani
Jon Stewart: "He felt Saddam could have been disarmed without us invading. And actually, I guess what I would suggest is, he WAS actually disarmed - because there weren't really the weapons we thought were there"

Rudy Guiliani: But Jon, he himself was a weapon of mass destruction!

JS: *shit eating grin*

It gets better...

Stewart then cannily gets Guiliani to repeat and even go further with his ridiculous statement by deliberately misconstruing Guiliani's remark.

JS: Senator Kerry?

RG: No, Saddam Hussein was a weapon of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein was sitting on top of 2 or 3 billion dollars worth of money to support global terrorism.

Okaaay then... So if you're rich and the US administration doesn't like you, watch out! That makes you a weapon of mass destruction! Never mind that there are NO proven links between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

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October 02, 2004

Calorie Bomb

On Wednesday Cathy joined me for some split pea soup (which is all gone now...). She left behind a tiny jar of huge calories - maple butter! Mmm, maple butter. It's best eaten with a tiny spoon, all by itself! Thanks Cathy!

When my sister and I were really young, we used to try to make maple butter/sugar by putting maple syrup in tiny foil cups hidden at the bottom of the freezer. It wouldn't work - inevitably the cups would spill and that's not how the stuff is made anyway. Actually when we threw out the fridge years later, we found one of the little cups plastered to the bottom of the door!

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Dave's New Condo etc.

Dave took me to see the model suites of his new condo. They all looked really nice. I liked the bachelor pad... no bedrooms, just one big room. The building has good facilities (no shuffleboard, though!) and an attractive lobby.

We then went to Swatow for lunch - unfortunately, they must have been missing some ingredients - all of the organ meats were missing from the Special Soup! They made up for it by adding extra beef (which was nice) but I kinda missed the clear stick of mystery meat! I noticed this time that the broth has a subtle thickness to it - just barely thicker than water.

Dave and Buster's shuffleboards were being used as buffet tables so we went to the Pacific Mall in Markham where I got several pastries. After that, we headed back to his apartment where Trev joined us for a couple of board games.

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October 06, 2004

Whoopsie, wrong Email

Oy. My email address listed on the page was incorrect... fixed now.

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October 07, 2004

Spaghetti Carbonara

I made spaghetti carbonara for dinner today - this picture is actually my second plate! (Ungh, ate too much...) I should've used less pasta - there wasn't really enough sauce. Still, it tasted really good. I've got a pot of split pea soup on the stove now simmering.

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October 12, 2004

Heavy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Well, it was a hefty holiday weekend for me. I went to my parents' house on Saturday where we started with a prime rib and a large chocolate cake.

On Sunday we went to the Cookstown Outlet Mall where I found a good deal on a digital instant thermometer - $10... Got home and baked the pumpkin pie for Monday. Unfortunately, I over-mixed the pastry and it wasn't as flakey as it should've been.

On Monday I made a turkey with stuffing and gravy. Mom made some sweet potato buns as well. All in all, a very fattening weekend.

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October 14, 2004

Youth and Politics

Slashdot has an amazing set of questions and "answers" from the US presidential candidates that were asked by young voters.

The questions were stunning in a good way. The answers were stunning in quite a different way.

Stunning question:


Having gone to high school in a very conservative area, where parents refused to teach their children proper sex education, I watched 20 of my classmates leave due to teenage pregnancy. Some knew about sex while others had no idea how to get pregnant. What is your opinion on sex education in the classroom and what resources (information, condoms, etc) should be used? Do you believe that teaching abstinence alone is enough to save our children from teen pregnancy and spreading disease?
- John, 25, of KY

Bush's response (snipped to actual policy):We will double Federal funding for abstinence programs, so schools can teach this fact of life: Abstinence for young people is the only certain way to avoid sexually-transmitted diseases or pregnancy.


Most stunning answer:


When is it appropriate for a leader to change their opinion? Both sides have been accused of flip-flopping on important issues - President Bush on establishing the Dept. of Homeland Security and steel tariffs, Senator Kerry on the Iraq war. But changing opinion due to thoughtful reconsideration ought not to be derided as flip-flopping. Tell us about a time when you had an honest change of opinion on a topic of national importance.
- Jeremy, 30, of WA

President George Bush Responds:
President Bush declined to answer this question. - Editor

To be fair, Kerry was non-specific and Nader changed his mind about hot dogs.
Sigh. Just keep chanting: Lesser of two evils...

And finally, while the leaders may not offer any reason for optimism, the youth of today promise a bright future:



The Bush administration has made a big deal of President Bush's Christian faith. Democratic candidate John Kerry is also a Christian. My question for the candidates is how does your faith affect your decision-making for the future of our country? Also, America is based on the separation of church and state. For the candidates, is it conflicting to take a position on issues based on Christianity (such as abortion and gay marriage) when not everyone in America believes in God or Christianity?
- Marcy, 17, of CO

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Spaghetti Squash Alfredo

Linda gave me a nice spaghetti squash. I baked it and smothered it in a fat filled cream sauce with leeks and garlic.

It was a nice vegetarian meal - all the healthy aspect of that was totally undone by all the fat. Heavy cream, butter and olive oil. It tasted pretty good, but I don't feel any righteous healthiness about it!

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October 15, 2004

Victory and Defeat

After work today, Dave and I went to play shuffleboard at Dave and Buster's. I totally destroyed him this time :) Out of all the games we played (between 6 and 8) he only won the first one.

Later Erich and Trev joined us and I was defeated soundly at Settlers of Cataan (twice) and a marathon-like game of Munchkins.

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October 16, 2004

Hair Today

... gone tomorrow.

On Tuesday I went for my first non-family/self administered haircut. So my 1.5 feet of hair is no more. I still haven't paid for a haircut, though - I won this one (to the loud amusement of the other patrons) at a Southlake Cinemania showing.

It's not as short as I wanted it, but it's still much easier to wash/dry. Of course, now when I go to sleep with my hair wet, I wake up with a fright wig!

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Fatty Weekend!

Well, I swam today for the first Saturday ever (or that I remember, anyway) becasue yesterday I had so much good food!

Of course, today after swimming I had a craving for fried chicken that wouldn't be denied. And I had some extra mushrooms, so I fried those too. And the leftover cream sauce from Thursday's spaghetti squash on rice.


Jackie sent Sean in on Friday with some delicious chocolate chip nut cookies that were SO good (I'll have to get the recipe from her!). I just couldn't stop eating them - I must've had between 1 and 2 dozen! Then of course we went to Swiss Chalet for lunch, where I had fries. Though I was "good" and split my fries for half of Cathy's salad. For dinner I had a slice of cheesecake at Dave and Buster's. So I've a lot of eating to make up for!

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October 17, 2004


Jon Stewart is my hero.

That's all.

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Dinner with Parents

Went home for dinner today. Mom cooked a nice meal of steak and chicken. I made an apple pie for dessert. The pastry was much better this time - nice and flakey. Could've been more tender, though.

I brought a bit home to snack on later.

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October 18, 2004

Snack Day

Today I ate smallish meals throughout the day. It was actually very satisfying.

For breakfast I had leftover apple pie.

On my morning break I had a small bun with turkey and tomato.

For lunch I had some split pea soup.

After work I had a tiny bit of rice with some chicken cream sauce (the sauce was leftover, it got added to some fresh chicken fried with mushrooms, onion and garlic.

And when I got home after a movie (more on that later) I had the leftover sauce with some spaghettini - it was really good. Actually, the spaghettini was a bit more than a little bit. But it tasted really good!

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Movie: Facing Window

We saw Facing Window at the Southlake Cinemania viewing today. It was very good, though hard to explain without ruining the story. A married couple, Giovanna and Filippo, take in an elderly amnesiac. The old man encourages Giovanna to pursue her gifts while he pieces together his fragmented memory.

Much more goes on, enriched by picturesque cinematography, humorous dialogue, moments of suspense and a beautiful string orchestral score. Acting was uniformly very good, right down to the children in the cast. A couple of scenes lacked needed chemistry, but overall that fades into a very good movie. Probably one of my favorite films from Southlake Cinemania this year!

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October 20, 2004


Had a mixed-meat spaghetti made from leftovers in the fridge and new stuff from the store. The sauce (originally made by Dom) had a meatball in it, and I added some sausage and a few shrimp. And of course I misjudged the amount of pasta I was cooking, so there was a lot of food. I ate it all, of course.

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October 21, 2004

Fried Steak

On the menu tonight was fried steak (a cheap cubed hip piece - it cost about $1.25 for the portion shown), roasted cauliflower and a piece of buttered french bread (both out of the freezer).

Strangely, it was the cauliflower that tasted the best, even though I'm more of a carnivore by nature. The cubed meat was a bit hamburger-like, especially after being pounded thin.

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October 22, 2004


I swam today rather than playing shuffleboard as I would have preferred - I'm getting fat, so the swimming is mandatory. I was committed to just have soup for dinner, so I made some butter baking powder biscuits to go with.

Yummy, but not killer yummy, so don't know if I'll bother with them next time.

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Biscuit Thoughts

Hmm, the biscuits were only ok with the soup, but they're great with strawberry jam. So this might be a good dessert with whipped cream added!

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October 23, 2004


So I'm trying to swim as much as I can to keep up with my eating. So far, made Friday and Saturday (today).... planning on swimming tomorrow and Monday too.

Feeling a bit sore today, though.

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New House-Graded

Peeked over the fence at the construction site. It looks like the place is graded now but I don't think it's been serviced yet. I'm wondering when they're actually going to start construction.

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October 24, 2004

Bacon and Eggs, Biscuit

I woke up too late to go swimming, so I made myself some bacon (pancetta, actually)and eggs for breakfast. This is actually plated on a tiny dessert plate, so it's not that big. The egg isn't actually overcooked - it's still all soft - it just looks brown because I cooked it in the brown pancetta grease.

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Supper Pasta

This was really yummy - scallops and shrimp in a leek and garlic cream sauce. Unfortunately I had 2 big platefuls. The parents called and interrupted my enjoyment of the first place, so I had another one in peace.

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October 25, 2004

Pasta Redux

Recognize my lunch? I added spinach to the leftover pasta and ate it for lunch. There's enough pasta left for a light before-swim dinner, too. So I can scarf that down and then leave for the pool.

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Dinner 2: Roast Pork

OK, in my defence, I DID swim today and dinner was pretty light. So I was planning on eating about this much more food today (and have leftover pork for tomorrow). Unfortunately, the potatoes were so tasty and were done long before the pork, so I snacked on about 2x the amount that you see here. Fat filled goodness. At least I got in my veggies today, though.

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Went to Dominion today and picked up lots of cheap meat, most of which went into the freezer. Bought a pork roast (you've already seen some of that - I put half of it into the freezer), several packs of lamb chops, a pack of beef short ribs and the special that I went for - bacon that was 1/2 price.

I also picked up spinach, mushrooms, garlic and squash for the veggie complement.

I bought some coconut milk to mix in with some frozen, slightly-too-spicy seafood curry and thai noodles to make a thai curried noodle thing. I didn't buy any fish sauce though, so it won't be too authentic.

Finally, a Brita filter, as I haven't had a good source of water for the last couple of days!

All in all, it came to almost $40 bucks, which isn't bad when the food should last me for between 2 and 3 weeks - under $3 per day!

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October 28, 2004

Changing Plans

I'm irritated right now, because more than 4 times in the last month or so, my parents have kept me waiting for them and then changed plans either at the last minute or without telling me. The end result is usually me waiting around doing nothing, waiting for them to show up.

When it's a dinner engagement, I usually end up getting hungry after a couple of hours and eating - usually they interrupt my meal and I inform them that I've already eaten.

Today is a typical example: Father wanted to come over to borrow my vacuum cleaner to clean my sister's new house. He was to call me before lunch so that I could get it for him on my lunch break (he wanted it before the end of the day). While I waited for him to call, lunch-time came and went.

Finally, hungry for my lunch, I phoned him and asked when he'd be coming. He'd changed plans without bothering to tell me and wasn't going to come until after I got home from work.

Well, I'm about to leave work and he just called and said that he lost his keys, so he'll come "when he finds them".

I asked him to call me before he comes to ensure that I'm there. He insisted that I should call him before I leave "and if I don't get an answer, he's on his way."

That doesn't do fuck-all for me, because I've waited hours for him to show up before with him unreachable. I repeated that he should call before he leaves, or I might not be there. He hung up on me while yelling on the phone sarcastically that it "must be too much trouble for me to call him".

Well, no, it just seems more logical for him to make sure I'll be there before he leaves - especially when he's changing plans all the time without telling me.

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Thai Noodles

Here are the aforementioned Thai curried noodles. I overcooked the noodles slightly - they were the consistency of al dente pasta rather than a tough elasticity characteristic of Thai rice stick noodles. That was unfortunate, becaause rice noodles lack the flavor that semolina flour has and needs either sticky sauces or texture to make up for it.

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October 29, 2004

Dave's Game

Went to Dave's game after my Friday swim. It was a good game, and he was nice enough to order pizza for us. Yummy! I was trying not to eat too much (because my eating is undoing all my exercise!) but alas, I wasn't able to resist.

Afterward, Erich and I went to Tim's where we talked about our respective jobs for a while. Erich's got a lot more ambition than I - but then, he has a family (and new baby Gaby) to worry about!

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October 30, 2004

The Right Lot

We had odd weather today - I went swimming and it was pouring rain. The sun came out strongly when I came out and so I went to take some pictures of my house lot. Having just rained, my shoes are a total mess. This picture is where my house will be, facing the backyard.

I also met someone else who was checking out their house.

The older gent, Alan, was looking for his lot. I helped him find it, but he insisted that it wasn't the right lot. He was certain that his house was a Southern exposure. We agreed to disagree - but I just checked my lot plan, and his lot is facing West. I hope he's not disappointed!

There really weren't any houses with a southern exposure on our street anyway. (Mine faces North - which is fine, because the majority of windows are in the back.

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Good Sales

There were some good sales at Loblaws today. I picked up 2 big cartons of Tropicana orange juice for $2 each. I almost didn't buy the Atlantic salmon filet pictured, but it was SUCH a good price! That's not a small cutting board, either. The salmon was $10 - it was discounted more than $11/kg. I chopped it into serving sized pieces and froze most of them. Some more went into the fridge. I am hereby resolving to not buy any more food!! I've got enough in the freezer to last more than a month!

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Salmon Filets

Here's the finished product - the salmon has been seasoned simply with salt and pepper, floured and pan-fried. Accompanying it are roasted acorn squash and cremini mushrooms. The cremini mushrooms are really good - they have less water than the ordinary white mushrooms, so they shrink less and have more flavor.

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October 31, 2004

iPod Problems

My iPod seems broken :(

Even though it syncs perfectly with iTunes, the songs don't actually show up from the iPod browser. Argh! I use the iPod a lot, too.... sniffle.

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Herb-crusted Salmon

Mmm, tasty. I took another piece of salmon, encrusted it with dried herbs (oregano and thyme), salt and pepper and then pan-fried it in olive oil. It was very very good.

It was accompanied by a Mediterranean-style fried rice - with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

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