September 15, 2003

Pretty Pictures...

Click image for larger view.

On a warm September afternoon, a butterfly rests on a branch outside my office.

I take my pictures on a 3.2MPixel Canon A70. It's a nice camera - it runs on standard AA cells and has all the nifty manual settings that I could want - and some handy automatic ones as well. It's a bit on the big side, but well designed for a steady grip. It's the first camera that I've ever owned.

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September 29, 2003

New Computer

Well, it's been a while, but I finally bit the bullet and bought a new computer to replace my aging P3-700 on an overclocked BX board.

256MB DDR400 RAM (128MB x 2)
2 120GB SATA RAID Hard Disks
Pentium 4 2.4C
Antec Sonata "Quiet" Case/PSU
My old ATI Radeon 7500 AIW

The crappy amount of RAM is because I'd like to buy some good stuff, but I still haven't ordered it from Crucial.

I can't afford/don't really need a new vid card, so I kept my current one.

The Sonata case was awesome for putting things in - I've only bought generic cheap beige cases before. This was much easier to work with - though a motherboard tray would've been nice. Mislabelled firewire connections were a bit of a hassle, and the front mounted USB port only does USB 1 - Antec mailed me a new port mount, but I haven't installed it yet.

The case and power supply are much quieter, though. From my room, I can hear my old computer (in another room) drowning out the Sonata. The "piano black" enamel is quite pretty, too.

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